Mottled Bone on MRI...worried.

Originally diagnosed Sept 08, Grade 2 8/8 ER+ , 8/8PR + ,lymh involvement. Had lumpectomy,FEC x6, radiotherapy and now been on tamoxifen for 4 years. I went today for my 6 month check . Pain in my hip ,on and off since November. The results showed bone of a mottled appearance. Is this a description that anyone else has had? Consultant wants another radiologist to look at the scans and will come back to me.In the meantime I was told “it will be fine, it could be something or nothing!!” Has anyone else had a similar thing when diagnosed with bone mets?
Many thanks


Hi Bethy, I guess this is a scary time for you. I have had very extensive bone mets for 11 years now but never on any type of scan had it described as of mottled appearance. You do not say what type of scan you have had. Was it a radionuclide bone scan, MRI, or a CT scan? If it was a radionuclide bone scan the area being looked at can have that appearance of mottled gray to black spots. The disadvantage of this scan is that cancer, arthritis, infection and other bone diseases all look very similar. It is then that further types of scans would be requested. The other types of scan can be more precise but still difficult sometimes to read. I have had scans when second opinions have been asked for by my oncologist as well. So try not to get too despondent, I know it is difficult. Maybe if you don’t hear anything soon have a word with your BCN and ask if your scans have been looked at again yet :). If she is sympathetic she will understand how worried you are and do her best to let you know quickly when they have any further news.


edit: sorry bethy I just realised you said what sort of scan in your title.

Thanks for this Dawn. Strangely I wasn’t concerned until the prof told me not to worry! He did say it definitely wasn’t arthritus. He said he will telephone me if their is a problem. You are such an inspiration …11years is brilliant.
Look after yourself Dawn and thanks again.

A true inspiration and you give hope and encouragement to all x

Bethy, The mottled bone appearance could be a benign condition. My ‘multiple sclerotic lesions’ may be a benign condition - my ‘bone thing’ has/is being investigated further. I have had recent MRI & x-rays re. this - with rheumatology department looking at the results as well as cancer radiographers. They all seem pretty sure it’s not mets, although what was seen originally was interpreted as mets.