mouth pain during and following chemotherapy

I have had a lot of general mouth and specific tooth pain during my FEC.   The first problem was a tooth which broke during my first cycle eventually leading to an infection and abcess and removal in hopital during my 3rd cycle.  The other problems I have had include a persistent burning sensation around my tongue and on the roof of my mouth.   Gradually all my gums and teeth have become very painful and sensitive to pressure, heat,acid etc., with 2 teeth becoming particularly painful even though my dentist can’t find an obvious cause, and the pain goes up into my jaw and ears.  It all got so bad that I couldn’t cope with what should have been my last chemo this week.  I am now worried because it is over 3 weeks since my last chemo and the problems are not improving.  I still feel very dehydrated and drink a lot of water.  I’m being careful to make sure that my diet, which has to be very soft and bland, is also nutritious.  I’ve tried all sorts of mouth washes and sometimes Difflam helps. I can’t find any reliable pain relief. I’d be very grateful to hear from anyone with similar experiences and especially to know that there is hope of this improving with time!

what did you find helped inthe end please