Would anyone like to know cure for mouth problems It worked for me


Hi Joanne

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!!! Since starting tax (I’ve had 2 out of 4) I sufferred with oral thrush and ulcers and think I’ve tried most types of medication from Onc and GP so would love to hear any other tips.



i dont know the duration of your chemo but i ate ice lolloies before during and after and have had no problems what so ever whereas the one before i had nothing and my mouth was a nightmare so hopefully this works for you


Hi ladies

I am a dental hygienist and for ulcers, there are two products that seem to work. To target specific painful ulcers, adcortyl in orabase is an ointment applied directly to the ulcer. This does help with the inflammation and pain - need to get it from a pharmacy. The other product is Gengigel. This is a natural product which is aids healing. some of my patients who get sore mouths from ulcers, autoimmune problems swear by it. It is quite expensive but very safe. (edited by moderator) As for thrush, I usely recommend Nystan pastilles. There also is a mouthwash. Hope this helps. GP’s are usually not too good with things for the mouth. My mother in law had been on loads of antifungal cream for what her doctor thought was thrush. It was acid reflux causing the problems and after my advice, she went on proton pump inhibitors which cured it!


what iam trying to say is that if you suck ice lollies you dont need anything as you dont get any problems.


I just wanted to clarify a couple of issues, when under going
chemotherapy treatment it is essential to be in contact with your
medical team at the hospital about your mouth care, and any problems you
may experience.

Most hospitals will have a preferred regime in terms of mouth care for
people undergoing chemotherapy treatment, these will include
preparations that do not dry the mouth out further.

Sometimes infections in the mouth can also be an indicator of other
potentially more complex infections in the body which will need close
monitoring by your medical team.

Sucking ice chips and taking regular sips of water can help ease
symptoms such as mouth ulcers and soreness.

However, before using any other preparations or mouthwashes etc to treat
your mouth ulcers or possible infection please do consult your medical
team first.

If you experience any problems whilst on chemotherapy please do not
hesitate to contact your medical team at the hospital, they really won’t
mind, and they would rather advise you on what you can do to ease you
discomfort than know you have been suffering in pain for a few weeks.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

hi Tara

thanks for that but thats my point because i sucked on ice during my treatment I didnt have any problems with my mouth


I would just like to say that I have used “Detnyl” mouthwash throughout and have had no problems … it MAY be because it does not contain alcohol and coats the inside of your mouth which stops it drying out which is part of the problem …

good luck everyone
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hi.when i had mouth ulcers due to chemo side effects, i brought it to my Onclogist’s attention and she prescrived Difflam Oral Rinse which really helped me resolved the problem…Also, i agree with sucking ice or lollies as it helped too.Best to check with your onclogist on your next visit or contact them ASAP.
I hope it helps…


oh i give up lol

I heard you!!! Well done for trying so hard to relieve the suffering of many, again and again and again!
Lily x

Thanks Lily

Just wanted to help but dont seem to be able to explain to anyone that this stops the need for mouth washes etc and no pain or ulcers.


now if you could work on a cure for people like me, who are already shivering with the cold cap, that didn’t make the brain freeze worse, I’ll pay you!
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Like Joanne this will probably be met with a certain amount of disapproval but here goes…

I haven’t tried sucking a lolly during the treatment. I will next time.

I have been using boiled sweets when out and about, honey and lemon actually as this keeps the mouth from getting too dry.

Sip room temp water and drinks to keep the water levels up and the mouth wet.

But here’s the disclaimer… the next 2 things are what I have chosen to do after talking to my homeopath and local health shop (which has professional nutritionalists etc we’re not talking some mass chain store here;)

I’m using propolis and manuka honey and literally dabbing them on the mouth ulcers. I also used an alcohol free mouth wash that contains aloevera called aloe dent. It also contains other ingredients that your onc may not approve of (I doubt mine would but it is topical and not ingested and I have researched all the ingredients and am happy to use it personally but you must satisfy yourself)

After swtiching to the propolis and aloe dent the ulcers reduced within 24 hours.

I’m not using diflam or cordysol and I did get the ulcers checked at the doctors. This is important as they are open wounds effectively and mine were worst when my bloods were really quite low.

While I appreciate all the care and attention I am being given by my heath care team I personally take the attitude that I am the one undergoing the treatment, it is my body and I have the right to choose what I do and do not take, this includes alternative remedies as well as what my hospital team knows about. Of course they can not and must not recommend any form of treatment they have no evidence of working and when they cannot be sure it is safe. But that’s another topic for another day.

Another littel tidbit is Lysine Aloe lip balm, wiped out the cold sores in 24 hours but Lysine does this. Google for Lysine and read the wiki article if interested. In essence herpes simplex (the virus behind cold sores and over 90% of use have it) will not grow in a lysine rich environment. Of course that’s according to wiki which isn’t always right but the balm worked for me without having to ingest a supplement or yet another drug and contains a good spf and makes my lips soft an shiny…

because I’m worth it LOL



I forgot to say I started with dentyl PH which is brilliant at getting all the bits of bacteria but didn’t really seem to be stopping the mouth ulcers from starting up so I then used that in the AM and the aleo dent mouthwash in the PM, ulcers half size in 24hours and practically gone in 48. not painful after just a couple of hours too.

I’m keeping to that regime now.

Also dent does contain some powerful active ingredients such as a grapefruit seed extract, not in a high dose but to give you some perspective on it it is apparently used for sterilizing and disinfecting operating rooms, as well as medical equipment such as inhalers.

no i took one half hour before chemo and 2 during mines is only an hour then one after but get different flavours as i only had orange and was getting sick of them by the end.


I hope it works for you Ive had very slight taste in my mouth but nothing that you would notice but its worth a try even if it doesnt work for you at least you get to eat yummy icies lol

lemonade lollys would be nice!!!

any fresh fruit lollies will be nice this summer!!!