Hey everbody,
Due 4TH FEC next week but have just developed nasty ulcer inside my lip.Anybody,got any good ideas for getting rid of them?
Its bitter cold up here…hope everybody is keeping warm.
Love & hugs
Pauline xxx

Hi again,
I meant to say STRONG as opposed to SRONG…don’t think Tommy Sheridan would approve.

Hi Pauline

Why don’t you try Adcortyl in Orabase which you can buy over the counter at chemists. It’s a paste in a tube which you put over the ulcer. It feels a bit gritty and odd for about half and hour but then it seems to leave a smooth clear film on the ulcer that protects it and so you can eat and not feel it until it eventually heals.


Hi ripley,
Thanks for that …I will give the Orabase a try.

Hi toxicp, I found the best thing for mouth ulcers is a mouth wash called Eludril- you can also get it in spray form. My sister in law who’s a pharmacist says its the best because it enourages healing, as well as doing all the antiseptic/anaesthetic stuff. You can get it over the counter. Also can i suggest using a non fluoride toothpaste, as fluorie irritates ulcers. Again, a good one is Tom’s spearmint- available in most health food shops. Good luck, best wishes Bagelo

Hi Toxicp,

Just finished my second round of chemo and adcortyl gets them every time!

Angee x