Moved about on the clinic waiting list?

Hi there,
So I’m 21 and have had a lump in my right breast for a few months now. I’m in university in Liverpool and went to a GP there when I discovered the lump and the doctor was completely dismissive - originally tried to tell me I was feeling my rib and then said oh just growth it’ll disappear again. At the time I was reassured enough to not really check the lump again and forgot about it. Fast forward to June when I was back home in Northern Ireland and I was referred for a shoulder/chest MRI because of shoulder pain and the MRI discovered a 1.2cm lump and my consultant told me that I needed to go back to my GP at home. I went to see her and she was lovely told me she would be referring me to the clinic and it should be a 2 week wait but because the NI clinics are busy it could be 4 weeks max? I rang this week because I started to worry I’d been lost in the system and my GP practice said it was strange like I should have been seen by now because I’d been sent as Urgent and the clinic had received my referral 5 weeks ago? They gave me a number for the clinic and when I rang the receptionist was so rude and said that the consultant there had marked me down from urgent to routine and I’d have to wait 6 months on an appointment now. Spoke to my GP again to say I was worried about it like I’ve been told there’s a lump don’t really want to wait 6 months to find anything out and in that time I’ve received a report from my consultant saying about the size of the lump etc and she’s written to the clinic again to ask for me to be put back up to urgent and that yes I’ve had an mri but they’re the ones who want me to get it checked out properly? I’m quite worried about the uncertainty but feel as if I don’t have the right to be worried because I don’t know anything yet don’t like talking about it either because in my head I see it as pointless potentially stressing anyone else out? Was also wondering if this has ever happened to someone with the waiting list or if I should be worried like does an MRI show cancer?

I know it’s a long rant so thanks so much for reading!

Hi Emma,
Oh goodness, this is so frustrating & of course, you are right to chase this up. I’m glad to see your GP has been supportive.
Yes of course, especially in someone of your age, bc would be rare, but that’s not the point, the clinic has to sort it out for you & until you’ve been seen, you wont have an answer.
Just be guided by your GP on this, you have every right to feel the way you do & please don’t think about stressing others out, it’s the clinic’s job to deal with this & not for you to feel fobbed off.
If you want to, do let is know how you get on.
ann x

Good GP’s are worth their weight in gold  -  but also always pushed for time  -  so my inclination would be to check with the surgery within 7 days to make sure that the GP did remember to do that for you.  I only say that because I waited ages for a referral for my son some time back, and on checking, it had been ‘forgotten’  -  fortunately it wasn’t terribly urgent or life threatening  -  but you are rightly concerned, and you are also being responsible for your health, and that needs to be respected and followed through.  Please don’t get lost in the system.  All the best x  (If you were my daughter, I would be on their case!!)