Moving from London to Bristol

Hi all

I’m after some advice, hoping that someone will have experience of transferring to a different hospital whilst being treated for secondary breast cancer.

Briefly, I live in London and have been treated at Barts since October 2007. I have secondaries in my liver. I am currently on a break from chemo, on herceptin, zoladex and arimidex.

I want to move to Bristol as I grew up near there and have friends and family there. Also although i feel pretty well I find London very tiring and could do with a change.

I have cleared things at work (we have an office in Bristol) and discussed the possibility with the breast nurse and the specialist registrar who both are supportive but I am still anxious that it will all be very difficult. Has anyone done this sort of thing before and could advice me of some of the do’s and don’ts?

I have had very good treatment at Barts and the staff there are great. I feel really well looked after and they treat me as an individual. I know Bristol has a good cancer centre but I still feel I am heading off into the unknown which is scaring me.


Laura X

hi ,do hope your ok ,its a big move your contemplating but bristol does have a good cancer center ,i live in weston super mare and visited the cancer unit, so i havnt found any problems with treatment at all .maybe when you do relocate you can come meet some of us girls who meet up in bristol for lunch and a chat, it must be a worry to you moving away from the familiar but treatments here are pretty good as a whole .looking forward to maybe meeting up when you do get here .take care .lynn xx

sorry Laura, I’ve only just seen your post. I am treated at Bristol and my experience of it is excellent. certainly I can echo what aroma has said about attending our secondary gatherings in Bristol, or if you wish to pm me i am happy to give you more detailed info.

Take care

Hi Laura
I too am contemplating a move although to a more rural location than Bristol. It is scary contemplating a move as you worry about the support and expertise available. In my case, this will also necessitate retirement. Hard decisions. I hope you will make decisions that work for you. Best of luck Anne x