Moving on - Thanks

Dear all - I have had my last “blast” of chemo yesterday - so far feeling ok (well ok ish) I am moving to the Radiotherapy board and will drop in from time to time to support anyone who needs it through what is easily the hardest experience you will ever have to face.

However I’m here to say you can do it - it will pass and it will be worth it - chemo for me was to minimise the risk of the cancer returning and I know it works cause I know loads and loads of women still alive because of it.

I have some way to go before they stop playing with my body - radio and then a year of herceptin but that is all for another day.

thanks to all of you for the encouragement and support over the past 6 months it would have been a whole more difficult without you.

Good luck to those just starting - it will end
thanks and see you on the other boards to those who are finishing
to those in the middle - hang in you are nearly there

love to you all - R xxx

All the very best to you RECS, you have been a support to me that i can tell you…
So glad you ar out of the chemo club, i will be too in three weeks time!

All the very best for the remainder of your journey, and stay in touch.

Naz x

Well done RECS - will join you on the radiotherapy board soon. Good luck.

Well done Recs. I had my last dose of Chemo on 3rd Feb. I am half way through 25 doses of rads. I have had 1 dose of herceptin, dose 2 due next wednesday. We seem to be at a similar stage. I too found chemo hard, but do able. So far rads have been ok, a bit tiring going to the hospital every day, but half way through now so psyhologically it doesn’t seem so bad. Good luck to everyone

Well Done Recs - I also finished my 6 taxotere yesterday - and echo your sentiments exactly. Its a good feeling, but we all know theres a long way to go and that our lives have been changed for ever.
Good Luck to everyone who comes onto this site for whatever reason.

K x

Yay! Nearly there.

I am mentally with you, even though I have a final chemo to go in 2 weeks time. I am already looking past it and see the end in sight and I think the relief is making me tearful. If I’m like that now, god knows what I’ll be like when it has really ended!!!

Herceptin for a year too, plus Zoladex and/or Tamoxifen, so I am just ignoring that and considering the end of radiotherapy as ‘the end’. Life will at least get back to some semblance of normal in May, I hope.

I’ll follow your radiotherapy journey as I want to know what to expect next…

Good luck and take care xxxx

Well done All for staying with it through your chemo treatments. You’ll probably find that radiotherapy is not nearly as bad as chemo. A little burning on the chest maybe and loads of Aqueous cream!! Ask your breast care nurse or one of the radiotherapy staff, but it’s magic cream. I use it every day and have done for the last year since rads finished and can barely see the rad ‘field’ on my chest. Good luck. Susie