Moving to Leicester

Hi, Am soon to be moving 5 miles from Leicester City and was wondering if anyone can tell me which hospitals have a Breast Cancer Clinics, had mx Jan 2009 with no further treatment apart from yearly checkups and mammogram on remaining breast and has anyone had experienced of changing hospitals and how long did it take.


The main breast cancer unit for mammograms and surgery is at the Glenfield Hospital, outside Leicester and the Leicester Royal Infirmary carries out chemo, rads, herceptin etc on the oncology suite in the Osbourne Ward/Building.

Reconstruction surgery is also carried out at the LRI as well as Glenfield, and I am currently undergoing lipofill treatment on my reconstructed breast at the LRI. I was diagnosed in May 2009 and had a mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction. Have travelled the chemo, rads and Herceptin route.

I am assuming that once you sign on with your new GP when you move to the Leicester area he/she will get you into the system to ensure you have your checkups etc as and when necessary.

There are other women on this forum from the Leicester area who have also had their treatment/ops etc at the above named hospitals and I am sure they will come along and share their experiences with you.

Personally I cannot fault any treatment I have received to date.


Hi - I was treated at Glenfield and the Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2008 although I live over 20 miles out in rural Leicestershire.

I had surgery at Glenfield (excellent) and chemotherapy and rads at the LRI. I have some reservations abut the nursing care & the chemotherapy suite but was very happy with my oncologist* & the rads- will pm his* name if you would like it.
Good luck in Leicester- it must be hard for you moving to a new part of the country. I had actually recently moved here when I was diagnosed - but as I was picked up on a routine mammo, I was shunted directly into 'the system" without having seen my G.P.
I did find it difficult not having any local knowledge and being told later on that I could have been seen nearer to home - but I decided t stay with the Leicester BC unit.

I also attend Glenfield hospital and Leicester Royal, the breast care unit at Glenfield is very good but very very busy, be prepared for a long wait when you get an appointment, thats been my experience over the years anyway They even have a special ward for patients having breast surgery, I had my reconstruction done there.

The Royal is a really big hospital, had my rads there and I wasn’t kept waiting once, in and out very quickly. The problem with this hospital is parking, its a nightmere, my husband took me and numerous times I would jump out the car while he was queuing to park have my rads and he would still be in the queue when I came out. Best not to go on your own.

Take care.


Thank you all for your replies it is worrying when you move to a completely different area must say though I have heard all good from the few people I know in the area about hospitals. Am now up to my eyes in packing and a long listed of calls to make,
Thank you again for taking the time to answer,
Best wishes

Hi Maggie,

I am also a few miles outside Leicester and was treated in Glenfield & the LRI. I have found the waiting at Glenfield for a routine mammogram is OK, it’s the initial diagnosis that takes hours, and follow ups with consultants are very variable in terms of waiting times. Nurse lead clinics (and I now attend the lymphoedema clinic there too) are generally OK in that regard.

The breast care unit at Glenfield is in a separate building from the main hospital, I usually go to the main building first and buy a cup of tea in the shop and then take it across to my appointment. I think there is some sort of drinks machine in the unit but I have never tried it.

Hi Maggie,
Just to say “welcome” to Leicester.I am fairly new to the area, being diagnosed in May 2009 Glenfield was very helpful,yes you had to wait a long time whilst you were there but always treated as a person not a number.Surgery went well and nurses very supportive both to me and my family.Chemo at LRI was a bit like a cattle farm but everyone was cheerful and supportive,parking was a problem so I went by train.Go for my 1st yearly check up in Feb,have already had a mammagram (routine check).Meals in restaurant at Glenfield were very nice and reasonably priced. Best Wishes,Boatgirl

Hi Everyone,
Just to say thank you again for your replies have now moved and getting settled in have signed up with doctors presume they will do the neccessary referals when they have my medical details will make appointment to see practice nurse in a week or so.
Happy New Year.

Hi Maggie, One point. There is a hospital hopper that will take you from the railway station to all the hospitals. (Saves on parking problems). One goes straight to LRI, then onto Glenfield and then LGH. The other goes around the other way; LGH, LRI Glenfield. There is a flat rate bus fare for each journey. THe hopper leaves every 20 mins.


Hi Maggie, I had my tests and op at Glenfield. I think it’s a great one stop shop and everyone was very kind. I’m currently having chemo with rads to follow at LRI - a more impersonal place as it’s always so busy, but the nurses etc are lovely.

Good luck. Stella xx

Hi Maggie- if you use the Hospital Hopper, don’t do what I did and get on the wrong bus outside the LRI!
The bus stops are all close together and as a Hopper was nearly due according to the time-table, I just got on the one that came along. I don’t know Leicester very well so didn’t realize for quite sometime that the bus was actually going the other way - to the General Hospital and all sorts of other unknown places!

It was not unpleasant- as I wasn’t actually in a hurry- but it was a very long ride back to Glenfield & picking up my car!

Hello everyone,
Parking at LRI best to park at old Granby Halls site car park next to Leicester Tigers ground, I have always managed to park there directly opposite the hospital no problem. Have to pay of course but convenient. Never had any problems parking at Glenfield, Breast Care Centre first class some waiting but usually due to Doctors/nurses dealing with patients with problems taking longer than expected, could be me or you, always had the best treatment here.

I know how scary moving tratment to a new hospital is.I recently moved FROM Leicester to West Sussex.I found the transfer really smooth, my gp had my notes and hospital letters within a week,and he forwarded them to the cancer unit at Worthing hospital.Had my first appointment at hospital 3 weeks later.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at Glenfield Breast Clinic May 2009 and then had chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the LRI.
I could not fault the treatment or the staff.They were brilliant.The only problem is the hospital being so big and busy!I always went prepared with reading,snacks and MP3 as I always seemed to be waiting for something or someone!
I lived a long way from the hospital and when I had radiotherapy I was picked every day by a volunteer driver.If you have problems getting to and from hospital your oncologist can arrange this for you.
There is also a brilliant charity in Leicester-Coping with cancer.
They have regular meetings around Leicestershire, for just support or help and also give complementary therapies.They paid for me to have acqupunture(think that how you spell it!) prior to chemo.I don’t know if it worked but I did not have many se’s.
Good luck with everything and if you want any info on anything just PM me

love Lucinda

Hi Everyone,
Have got appointment at Glenfield for 15th Feb. very quick hope they will have my records from previous hospital, thanks for the tips re bus very grateful as I do not drive will look up the hospital hopper.
Take care.

hi maggie
good luck with your app on the 15th
i was dx april 2009, and the glenfield are very good, i used to hospital hopper until my rads and then used the voluntary driver service , ask when you go as they are fab,for rads they are great pick you up from your door and no queing, as you go every day and parking at the lri is terrible around certain times, when i finished using them , i just gave them a donation.
wishing you well julie x