MRI- did I ought to take someone with me?

Hello everyone. Finally after having to wait three weeks (!!) I’m having my MRI on Friday. I have told husband/mum/friends I don’t need anyone to come with me as I’m just gonna be lying there for an hour, and they will just be sitting in the waiting room for that time.
I have an appointment with my surgeon next Friday, so I don’t think I will be speaking to anyone for any results.
What do you recommend?

Hi xena I think it is a personal choice whether anyone accompanies you as you say you are not going to be given any results on that day. I went to lots of appointments on my own especially for investigations so I would say it is up to you and how you feel. Also with my family and husband it wasn’t always easy for them to get time off work. For the important appointments though I would suggest you take someone when surgery is discussed or you are given results even me miss independent was glad when someone else was there for them times as they help you have a different perspective and help with decisions that need to be made. Generally  staff are very friendly and helpful if you are on your own but it all boils down to your choice and how you feel sometimes I didn’t want people fussing over me and was glad to be on my own as you haven’t got someone else to think about as well as yourself. Hope all goes well x

I went on my own for mine - the nurse accompanied me in the room. If you took anyone they wouldn’t be allowed in the room anyway I don’t think? The nurse and radiographer went out the room behind a screen but could speak to me through a microphone.

Hi Xena, very personal choice and depends , as you say, on circumstances . My dear old boy came with me to all my appointments, especially if needles and dyes were involved. Narrow veins are a pain, and hunt the vein to insert a cannula was a prob for me. A lot of waiting around for him, but I was glad of the chauffeuring home. Wishing you all the best. ?

Thanks ladies. I think I will go on my own for the MRI then and take hubby along for results. Thank you

Had mine this morning. Husband came, but really need not have done. I just was worried in case I reacted to the contrast medium or something (worrying is a hobby of mine) but it was fine. 

The MRI itself was a little noisy, not too bad at all and certainly not like people made it out to be. Yes it was loud but nothing to bother about. They made me very comfy on the table and I was really relaxed. The noises were quite rhythmic and at one point sounded like “booo bees booo bees” and it was hard not to laugh. And it was hard not to laugh at the cod liver oil capsules taped to my nipples. All in all, a walk in the park. Good luck with yours on Friday. 

I shall listen out for the “boooo beeeees”!!! ?
I have had MRI’s before, so I’m not concerned about having it done…or I wasn’t until you said about the cod liver oil capsules!!! ?
Hadn’t even thought about people wanting to come for their own peace of mind so to speak. Maybe I will ask my mum if she still wants to come to results along with my husband and I.
Thank you