Julie - a little reassurance. 18 years ago when I first had BC my liver scan showed a hemangioma and everyone got very worried about it but it has never given me any trouble whatsoever and when I had BC again last year, the radiologist again raised her eyebrows but the report came back negative. Am sure you have nothing to worry about on that score. Have you tried yoga as an excellent way to relax. Exercise is also a wonderful panacea. Have a happy weekend.

To Cally - That sounds fabulous. Sounds as if you had a brilliant time. That’s exactly what you need to take your mind off things. It’s mind over matter and the more you’re doing things and going places, you haven’t got so much time to brood. I do think it’s a case of just truly making the most of every day, and trying not to stress about things that may never happen. Can’t remember what I did for my 40th, think I went for a meal with my husband (now ex).

To Olivia - thank you. I think you’re probably right. I have got sort of little twinges and pains under the rib cage, and I don’t think liver mets would give you that sort of pains when there are only two tiny little spots of 10mm and 8 mm anyway. My Mum died with liver cancer (secondaries from either bowel or ovary, they never knew which, because it was too far spread by the time they found it), and it was only a couple of months before she died she actually started getting pains, and her cancer was very far spread through the liver, alot of people with liver mets don’t really have much pain until it really starts to spread, so I’m not really worrying too much. How’s big your hemangioma. I know of someone who started vomiting blood, and after initially thinking it was liver cancer, it turned out to be a very large hemangioma on the liver, so I know they can get troublesome if they get bigger. I went to a couple of low impact classes and it was great fun and very relaxing, the only off putting thing was seeing myself in the mirrors, I kept getting the giggles, and when you had to balance I kept falling over. I think I’ll probably stick to my bike, love getting out on my bike, very relaxing. Did you get your cancer back in the same breast or the second breast.