MRI Results This Afternoon

Hi Everyone


I am a Newbie to this Group and I am still trying to process what is happening at the moment but can’t fault the speed or the care.  First ever Mammogram on 9th of June as part of ‘The X Trial’.  Got a recall last Wednesday and I went to the appointment on my own as the lady that did my mammogram explained that I may be recalled as it was my first one and they sometime have difficulty establishing a baseline.  I wasn’t overly worried but wasn’t  expecting to be told they found a shadow on my left breast.  This was then followed by an examination, ultrasound and two biopsies all on Wednesday morning. I went on Friday to get the results and was told I have two areas of cancer - one is 10mm and the other is 14mm but in different quadrants of the breast.  I had an MRI on Tuesday this week and I am back this afternoon for the results and hopefully to be told which surgery is best for me.  I have a list of questions as long as my arm so I hope to get them answered later today.  All I can say is that someone is looking out for me somewhere because if I hadn’t been selected at random in this trial it would’ve been another two years before my first mammogram at 50 so I am counting my blessings - but still perplexed by it all. 

Hi Fiona,

I know it’s all a bit of a shock isn’t it. I went for my hospital appointment thinking I would be told I’d got blocked milk ducts again, only to have a mammogram, scan and a biopsy and was at the hospital for three and a half hours. I’ve got to have another biopsy tomorrow just to check before they operate as I’ve got a lump and apparently that’s quite rare with DCIS, which is what I’ve been diagnosed with at the moment. More waiting for results!

Hope your apointment goes well today. Thinking of you xx

Welcome Fiona ,good luck this afternoon with your results .I was part of the early screening programme too and as I didn’t have any symptoms at all it was quite a shock .Lots of support and advice here .Let is know how you get on .Jill,



Hello and welcome, sending you good wishes for your results this afternoon.  Let us know how you get on


Helena xxx

Hi Fiona,


I was exactly the same as you and Jill, I was invited for screening as part of a trial at the age of 47 last November, no symptoms at all. We’re very lucky ladies indeed, bc is very treatable and the sooner it is detected it can be dealt with.


I hope you have been given the answers to your questions today and have a treatment plan in place.


We’re all here to support you on your journey.x

Hi JenCat,


We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, hope all goes ok.x

Hi Fiona.  Michele (Mygel2) here.  Also a newbie since Wednesday.  I had the routine big 5 0 mammogram and that’s how mine was picked up.  I know more ladies under 50 who have had or have BC than I do over!  I have never understood why screening doesn’t start at 40!  Thank goodness you were selected for the early screening.  I hope you get the answers you need at your appointment.  xxx

Hi Fiona - same here, selected for the trial aged 48 and diagnosed with 17mm invasive ductal carncinoma in left breast (no palpable lump), ER+ PR+ HER2- so know exactly how you feel. I also sit and think someone was looking down on me to be selected for this trial as I understand it was random. In fact when i got the appointment it was a day off from work and if i’m honest I don’t think I would have gone if I had been rota’d to work as did think “ah i’ll be going next year anyway”!!! ? My MRI results showed other areas (10 all together) so had to have a mastectomy - even more grateful I was selected! Glad to say that was 8 months ago and now back living life to the full cancer free with a pill to pop daily. Best wishes Alex xx

Hello Ladies


The appointment went as well as it could thanks.  The size of one has changed - not 14mm but 30mm - but that one is behind the one that is 10mm.  They are going to attempt a lumpectomy and I meet my surgeon on 14 July with surgery on 17 July so there is a plan in place.  There is a fallback plan in place depending on the results three weeks later but at least it’s all heading in the right direction.


Thank you for all your support



Sending you a big hug Fiona, so glad your healthcare team have got plans in place for you.

Donna x

Take it easy and be gentle on yourself JenCat. As LadyB says, your team are gathering all the information they need so they can put your treatment plan in place.


Gentle hug from us all.x