MRI Scan - did anyone else cough??

Hi all

I have DCIS (well, until I have my op and they test the lumps, thats what they think it is) and I went for an MRI scan the other day to see the position and size of the bits to take out, but about 10 minutes in I did 2 little coughs. I really tried not to but I just couldn’t hold them in. Did anyone else do anything like that? I am thinking I might have ruined the scan and I’ll have to have another done.

Don’t mind the scan, but wasn’t keen on the blue dye going into my arm :wink:


Don’t worry - I have an occassional tickly cough which typically happened during my MRI, then to make matters worse my hair fell onto my face and made me sneeze! The results were fine though - thank goodness - the thought of laying motionless listening to forgettable hits of the 70s for what seemed like an eternity is a bit too awful to repeat!

I didn’t like the dye either. x

I think they would have been monitoring as you went along so they would have told you if there was a problem.

Don’t worry!

River x

Thanks for the feedback - felt better after that… especially the sneeze bit :-))

Well I went to see the surgeon this morning and yes she got the results from the MRI so I hadn’t messed it up. I was more relieved about that than the results I think!

Anyway, turns out I’m having a lumpectomy and a Sentinel Node Biopsy which is “better” than I thought anyway.


Pleased scan went well and results were as good as could be. Good luck with op and recovery x