MRI scan needed not sure why.

Hi everyone. Needs some advice again. Had good news last week told by onc that couldnt see anything in me liver and was 99.9% sure the chemo would deal with met 0.9cms.So came out happy. Came home today to a message asking to ring to make an appointment for an MRI scan. Spoke to oncs secertary who could only tell me that CT scan was inconclusive and the onc just wanted to make sure.At orginal dx CT scan was inconclusive MRI showed cancer. So am I looking at more cancer in the liver as thats the area they want to MRI or are they just making sure.No one is talking to me and just been fitted in for my scan tommorrow which is very quiick, which makes me think that the chemo didnt work and they need to change treatment. Or maybe because I have Pertuzumab with Herceptin the Pertuzumab is funded and they like to have detailed scans. I wish they would just talk to me. Any words of wisdom.xx


Just spoke to nurse and they need an MRI because the area in the liver with cancer is difficult to get to with a CT scan and because the cancer was so small. There not saying its cancer just that they cant see that area properly. But if it is cancer then it is a lot smaller than the original 0.9cm which means I am responding to treatment.She said they need a base line which is what the MRI will provide and if there is a met left over then I am a candidate for RFA which is what the onc has said. She also said there is no cancer showing anywhere else in the liver or the rest of my body. Hope shes right.xx

Hi Angela, thank goodness you have a good nurse that says it as it is. Leaving you in limbo is a nightmare, everything goes through your mind. That,s good it is all sorted out.
I like you got good news. I finished my chemo, then had ct scan in September, what a long week it is until you get your results but thankfully all cancer had disappeared except of course the bone mets on my hips and spine but they have not changed since April so my onc is delighted with everything. I was on Zometa every month but now having finished radiotherapy on the 11th October I have been put on daily tablet of ibandronic acid and also tamoxifen and I am happy to say I am feeling great. So I have now booked a holiday in November, going to Marakech in Morrocco for 10 days, can,t wait as it has been a really long year.
Hope all goes well, take care
Linda xxx