Mri scan query

The consultant has told me my cancer is only small and is two types of cancer together but I’m now having to get an mri scan. Can anyone tell me if this is the norm? I just want this alien invasion out. The waiting is sending me nuts! Any input greatly appreciative x

Hi Suza g. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I had lobular cancer and I had to have an MRI scan too, it gives them a more detailed picture of the tumour and helps them work out the best way to treat you. The waiting is a pain thiugh, I remember feeling exactly like you. There s no point me saying try not to worry but just try to fill up your days and keep your mind occupied. Sending you gentle hugs xxx

Thank you. It’s just good to get it off your chest, excuse the pun! X

hi suza,
I had the same as you, apparently, my biopsy showed a small bit of lobular with ductal. As lobular can be a bit more obscure, its all checked again by mri. I remember feeling exactly the same as you & kept telling myself the mri would ensure I got the best treatment plan.
Once all this is out of the way, you’ll feel much better.
ann x

Thanks Ann
Did your MRI show anything else if you don’t mind me asking?
Suzanne x

no, all clear, I was so relieved I almost enjoyed going in for surgery!
ann x

That’s brilliant Ann. Are you ok now? X

absolutely fine! had radiotherapy, on tamoxifen & now under routine review for 5 years. Very glad I went for my screening mammogram, it did the job.
ann x