MRI scan

MRI scan Had lumpectomy Dec last year, going through chemo treatment now but recently discovered lump on oppisite shoulder to breast lump. Went to breast clinic today and they told me have to go for MRI scan.
Can someone warn me what to expect please?
Em xx

well l had one today!this is my 2nd in 4 weeks so getting bit of an expert! Mine was on liver etc involved lying on the bed and having a pair of headphones on and then you get moved into the machine and left in room.Its got light but you feel very close to the ceiling bit ,-so can be claustraphobic-best do like l do and keep my eyes have panic button and they talk to you thru intercom.had to hold breath etc when told.took about 20 mins.Had another today as needed dye to look at what they found.that is called a contrast-they put needle in your arm and attatch you to it before you go into machine and about half way thru they put it in by computer-just feels very cold up your arm.then you can go home-no side effects.not allowed jewellery or things with zips etc so wear gown and no glasses on.not bad really just focus on a good place-its noisy -clicking and clanking noises but no pain .thought is worse than reality.My brother has had 14 in last 10 yrs after brain tumour-every yr they check for regrowth-it has twice-so he gave me courage.hope this helps
love sharonx

Thanks Now I know what to expect it all seems a little less daunting.
Em xx


I had to have an MRI scan when I was first diagnosed with bc, to find out the exact size of the lump, and I can promise you, there’s nothing to be scared of.

I had to lie face down on the bed, with my boobs down two strategically placed holes - I had to laugh. Once the Radiologist guys made sure I was comfortable, they slid me back into the MRI machine - like a tunnel. They did warn me it was going to be noisy, but gave me some earplugs anyway. They then left the room !

Having said that, they were just the other side of a window and were talking to me and reassuring me all the time through an intercom system. Half way through the scan, I had some kind of dye go into me intravenously (which they had wired me up to beforehand). Like the other lady said, it just makes your arm feel cold.

The scan took between 30-40 minutes and I felt absolutely fine afterwards.

I’ve now started my chemo - next one is next Friday, and then I face a mastectomy at the end of the year.

Anyway, good luck with your MRI, please let us know how you get on!

Love Julie xx

Taffy let us know how you get on and all the others who are having MRI scans.


My MRI scan went fine, apart from the fact it took 1 and a quarter hours! Thought at one point everyone left me and gone home! The scan showed I had a “giant lymphoma” and I had it removed under general anasetic yesterday. At least the cancer isnt back…

So pleased it went well for you Emma. What a relief! It’s great to hear some good news.

Love and hugs, Jean xx