MSG for Liverbird and Julie 49

MSG for Liverbird and Julie 49

MSG for Liverbird and Julie 49 Well we woz robbed. Now I don’t mind if we play crap and lose coz thats all part of it to me. What I do mind is playing well, against an equal team, and against 12 men. That ref, he should be sacked! All those missed corners and bad decissions. And what happened to the 3 min extra time? 2.40 min including loads of time wasting. I recon he didn’t want it to go to extra time, maybe his ice cream was melting!

We were in Liverpool for the match, in the pub which I didn’t want to do but everyone else did. There I was sat with this horrible blood stained dressing on my face and ear, (not allowed to remove it till they do tomorrow).

There were also some very agressive Everton fans there who were so pleased that we had lost. I told him to grow up and that IF they ever get to this position in the future, I won’t be supporting them, which I have always done in the past.

What a downer. Then we had a 3 hr drive to my hospital for my first rads. That was ok apart from all the waiting. They also told me I can’t have hospital transport coz I’m able bodied and could get the bus. I live 20 miles away in the sticks. Have to get 3 buses each way and that’s apart from the cost, God knows what that will be. My husband is going to have to re-jig the work he had planned (after nearly a yr without work) so I can dash to hosp, dash home and he can have the car to dash in other direction, nightmare!

Hope you two are doing ok, particularly Julie, you seem so down at present, I was too with chemo, it’s just crap but it does end.

I am 3 wks post chemo now and am feeling much better physically and emotionally already.

Chin up


Sorry Julie, just realised dif Julie!

just moving this back to the top!

From a Charlton Supporter in the South Be proud of your team - it was a fantastic game and the best team truly did not win. The stoppage time was a complete joke!! Liverpool are such an entertaining team to watch and I really think one of the best games of football I have ever seen was last year’s FA cup final…and secondly, the 2005 European Cup Final. Last week’s FA cup final was dismal…

I do feel for you cos (as you will appreciate) I really know what football disappointment feels like - towards the end of the season I couldn’t even go to Charlton despite having a season ticket - it was all emotionally too draining and I felt that with the BC, I didn’t need to cause heart problems. I would have loved to have come up to Ainfield to see the last game of the season but health matters got in the way!!

It is great to have football ladies on this site…

Definitely chin up and be proud.


Hi Irene and Heather
I agree we were robbed outplayed Milan but as i always say it doesnt matter how you play if you cant get that round thing in that net ya cant win.

I was on hols in a pub in Cornwall watching match, a few LFC supporters one little lad in his footy kit crying at the end arhhhhhhh.
A few guys supporting Milan (Idiots).

Poor hubby supports Notts Forest and they missed the play offs after takin a 2-0 win from first leg against yeovil.

Oh well at least my holiday was just fabulous, but i feel a bit down coming home hugs welcome.


Brilliant match - very sad result! Hi Irene,
I was enjoying the footy so much I hadn’t realised how close we were to losing until the end of normal time. I agree about the ref. He should have added another minute on for the Milan substitution without knocking 40 seconds off. An equaliser was definitely on the cards and a winning goal wasn’t out off the question. Shame we didn’t win - I know it would have been a great boost personally! Still maybe it’s given a few Milanese cancer patients something to smile about. They couldn’t be prouder of their team than I am of Liverpool’s performance though. Roll on next season!
Cheers to the Charlton lady too. It was an entertaining match, especially as you said after the United/ Chelsea final. Hope you both (and Liverbird) are feeling good this week. Sounds like you’re having to deal with a lot Irene.
I had my 4th session of chemo yesterday. I was the first person on the day ward in the morning as I’d come early straIght from a night shift, and I was still there at six pm (with no sleep!) when it closed. they had to move me up to the short stay unit to finish the treatment! It’s going brilliantly though. The side effects havn’t been too disruptive and the tumour has shrunk - I have an ultrasound next week so I’ll know exactly how much. Feeling very positive.
Have a good week - I’ll look out for you all on the forum,