MSG for Photolady & Sue

MSG for Photolady & Sue

MSG for Photolady & Sue Hi Girls

Hope you are both keeping well and the radiotherapy isn’t causing any problems for you yet Photolady.

I went for my planning session yesterday and had my tatoos, I start my radiotherapy treatment on the 16th of May and because I’m such a lucky girl I get to do an extra week of radiotherapy making it 6 weeks instead of 5 weeks. I get the extra week because I am under 40 and it has proven to beneficial to women under 40 in cutting down reoccurence rates. So I don’t finish my radiotherapy treatment until the 27th of June. This is the last part of the journey for me as I am triple negative so zap me to hell, anything to stop this disease coming back.

I am going to start looking at holidays for the end of August hopefully to one of the greek islands for a week, I absolutely love greece. Well I am going to make the most of the next few days before I lose my freedom for the next 6 weeks.

Take care


Hi Rizzo Hi Rizzo,

Does that mean you will be having 30 sessions of rads then? Hope you don’t have to travel too far to get to the hospital, you’re going to be sick of the place by the time you’ve finished!

Everything’s settled down again now after my rads finished on 13th April. It took a good two weeks though as everything had tightened up again. The skin feels nice & soft and the redness has almost faded away. You’ll probably get through loads of aqueous cream over the next few weeks. I started putting it on before the rads started and am still using it once a day.

I’ve just had some really good news. The breast care nurse rang me to say my breast surgeon’s managed to get NHS funding for the breast MRI scanner & that I can have an annual scan. I’m due my annual mammogram in September & will have the 1st MRI next March, that way something will be being done every 6 months which will give me more peace of mind.I’d looked into paying privately for it, which would have cost just over £500 each time!

I’m back at work for 6 hours a week and finding it very hard slotting back into it. If all goes OK I’ll gradually increase to my normal hours by September. I’m getting Incapacity Benefit now which helps a bit as I’ve gone down to half pay.

We’re off to Provence in just under 3 weeks, can’t wait! Have you booked yours yet?

Hope all goes well with the rads. It’ll be a piece of cake after what you’ve been through.


hello girls!

I’m now in the middle of rads, and the *****machine keeps breaking down. they HAve 8 machines it total, but the one I’m booked into seems to be having more than it’s fair share of problems. they had it stripped down for a major service over the weekend, and it was OK today - I managed the round trip in “only” 3hours and 15 minutes - a record ! it has taken up to 6 hours previously, with their delays and rush- hour traffic.
I keep being told to keep out of the sun, which is a shame as I love to sit out in the garden - I was even out there, muffled up, in January! Not that I’m a naked sun- worshipper, you understand, I just like being outside rather than inside.
My last rads is June 4th, before I go for a Look Good feel Better session the same day . I have vowed that I will throw away the wigs on May 31st, whatever length myhair is then. OH says it’s OK now, but I’m going to let it grow for another 18 days yet.

Like both of you, I’m looking forward to holidays. We have a week in the lake District booked for mid June, just to celebrate the end of all the treatment, then the big one to Madagascar in mid August. I’ve just bought a new camera, and will need 3 months to be really familiar with everything it does, before I go.

Good luck to both of you


It never rains but it pours Hi Girls

Well it never rains but it pours. I had my first radiotherapy session today only 29 more to go, then we took a trip to A & E as my partner ruptured his achilles tendon last night playing football. He now has a temporary plaster cast on until he has an operation to repair the tendon. He will be having his op in the next two days then back into a plaster cast for 4/8 weeks followed by physio. So I will be flying between two different hospitials. He is now hobbling around on a pair of crutches which is proving difficult as our house is up about 11 steps.

I have put the holiday on hold until we know more about what is happening with my partners leg, it’s all fun in our house. Also this is the first day we have had internet connection since friday, talk talk are crap I wouldn’t recomend them to anyone.

Photolady I hope your radiotherapy starts to run a bit more smoothly for you.

Take Care


Oh Dear! Rizzo

I’m so sorry to hear about your hubby’s achilles tendon, I hope the surgery goes/ went smoothly.

Rads is still getting me down, and making me feel realy tired. I did the 80 mile drive + 2 tunnel tolls for nothing on Friday, as the machine broke before I got there, and after 2 hours they sent me home again without having had treatment. This puts the final treatment back another day … I can see the end in sight, but somebody keeps moving the finishing tape!

Take care,


My sympathy to you both - and to myself!! Sorry to hear life’s difficult for you both girls - me too as it happens - what have we done to deserve all this c**p?

My mum’s still getting over the stroke in February, she’s now got chronic renal failure & will need dialysis soon, as well as a suspicious shadow on her left lung & a fractured rib which looks almost certain to be cancer. She’s seeing a chest specialist on Friday so we should know more after that. She’s only 73 & I suspect she won’t be able to have aggressive treatment with her kidney problems.

Just as life seems to be getting back to something like normal we’re thrown back into all this stress and worry. (My OH & I are thinking of running away & not leaving a forwarding address!)

Rizzo make sure you get your holiday as soon as you can as you deserve it, hope your partner’s leg heals OK, that’s really rotten luck.

Photolady, you must be totally fed up with the present state of affairs. I hope they’ve got the machine sorted out now - it’s a shame that you’re having all these problems when you’re almost at the end of the treatment - everything’s just being prolonged isn’t it?

Will catch up with you both soon… Keep your peckers up.


Life Hi girls

Photolady I hope they have got the machine sorted for you, I attend an oncology hospital and they have 7 machines, and so far I have never experienced any problems they pretty much run on time most days. I have to admit I have only had 9 treatments so far and I am already fed up of going to the hospitial, but I am kind of viewing it as a practice run for getting back into a work routine. Also whilst having radiotherapy you can book in for free reflexology, massage and hypnotherapy. So I am booked in for reflexology next wednesday, I am looking forward to that.

Sue so sorry to hear about your mum I hope that when you saw the consultant on friday that the outcome was good. Life just seems to lurch from one crisis to another. Be in touch soon, I don’t seem to have as much time these days with my daily visit to the hospitial, the dog to walk and my little boy to look after + my O/H. But this is still a picnic compared to the chemo so not really complaining.

Take care