Mucinous cancer and calcification

Hi, this is my first post. After a routine mammogram in October I was called back and had ultrasound and core biopsies done. After 2weeks I was told I had mucinous cancer underneath calcification but it wasn’t clear if the calcification was also malignant. I had second biopsies done a week later then another week later I was told it was confirmed as carcinoma in the area but it still isn’t clear if it is a separate tumour within the calcification or just all one. Now I have to wait again to get an appointment for a small metal coil to be inserted into the calcification under mammogram so it can then be seen with ultrasound and hopefully show exactly where this other cancer is. If it is only one malignancy I will have a lumpectomy and radiotherapy but if it is two tumours then I will have mastectomy and chemo. I have to wait until 5th December to see the surgeon again and the probable date for operation is 20th December. It all seems to be taking a long time and although I know they want to find the best way forward for me, I wonder how much it is all growing while I wait for these appointments. Has anyone else had all this trouble? Or mucinous cancer?

so sorry you have had this news, I to was dx in oct. I’m sorry to say that this is worst part. The waiting game. If you are this worried I think you should contact your breast care nurse and tell her how worried you are.

Hope this helps you, good luck let me know how you go on.

hugs janet xx