Mum and Daughter - We're In it Together!!

Hi All…

In March 8th this yr, at 32 years of age I was diagnosed with BC, 20 days later I attended an appointment with my mum, who was advised that she too had BC. Together we have went through surgery, all our lymph nodes removed and are currently going through FEC-T chemo. Mum is 1 day ahead of me on the chemo front, due to me getting an infection and having chemo delayed…My 3rd chemo (Fec) was on 1st Sep, whilst mum’s 4th was on Friday, 2nd…it was her first ‘T’…and bless her soul, she has been suffering really badly since. Any advice or stories of encouragement that I can desctibe to her would be very much appreciated. Of course it would also help for me to prepare myself for my chemo on 22nd!!!

Our journey so far has been hard going, what with us post having to get Hickman Lines, PICC Lines, etc…infact my PICC Line was accidently pulled by a nurse and have now got to get another fitted…aaarrggghhhh! I’m turning 33 on 16th Sept and so much hoping that I don’t have to get it that day…although I know that we don’t get ‘days off’ with BC!

In the meantime I wish everyone well and sending positive thoughts to all xxxx

Hi Virgo1609 (& Mum),

It’s so sad to have to say welcome to you both, it’s bad enough being here alone but to have your nearest & dearest here too really sucks!

You are both in front of me, I think I’m starting chemo at the end of this month. However, I am going to " bump" you up the boards again for others to see in the morning!

As for meeting ladies in a similar situation, I would suggest you look at the “starting chemo in August” thread, I’m sure they will welcome you!


Hello Virgo1609 and Mum,
I finished 4 x AC and 4 x tax on 17th Aug so am a little bit ahead of you. Thought I’d try and cheer you up a little by saying tax wasn’t too bad for me, yes I was very tired and slept a lot and I had most of the other side effects to some extent but I found it was much easier than AC which made me very sick. I would have tax over AC any day. So try not to worry too much, I am 39 so a bit old than you but just wanted to say it’s not too bad and is doable. I thought I would never come of the other side of chemo but here I am slowly getting over it and my hair has made an appearance too, it actually started coming back after the 2nd tax strangely.
Best wishes for both of you

Hi Virgo1609 and Mum,
I hope you are both doing OK today.
Its must feel pretty unreal that you are both going through this together. I’m so sorry and wish you both the very best !
Wanted to get in touch as we have lots in common on here - I am 30 - nearly 31 - also on FEC - T and had my third FEC on Friday 2nd like your Mum. My 1st T will be on the 23rd Sept - the day after my 31st Birthday!! I am also looking for a little ‘what to expect when you are expecting Taxotere’ advice.
How have you both been on the FEC? I have had ups and downs - unfortunately now is a definite down - I am full of side effects and have pretty much been passing out in a darkened room all day (sounds very dramatic but its true!). Here’s hoping the Taxotere is ‘better’. On my second FEC cycle I was in incredibly good form, exercising, socialising, working really hard, shopping, knocking back champagne and almost forgetting I was on chemo, but this time it has reeeeeaaaallly hit me hard andI feel - well… in a word…gross!!
Hope you are both doing ok and would love to offer any support I can.
All best,
Cannoliwings X

Hi there.

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone! I was diagnosed last October 2010 and my mum was diagnosed 3 weeks later. I needed max, FEC-t and radiotheraphy and my mum had lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I am 41 and my mum is 65. My chemo finished in April and rads in June and now I’m feeling really good. I got rid of my wig 3 1/2 months after rads finished and (although it’s short) it looks good. I found chemo quite hard but you and your mum will get through this together and you will feel better - I promise! I know that my mum and me are much closer and share a very special bond. My aunt also had BC 5 years ago and is absolutely fine. My grandmother also had BC and lived to be 85!

Keep strong, keep talking to each other and time will pass …

With love and best wishes


Hi there

Just wanted to thank you each for your postings, it has been really supportive and I totally appreciate the advice + the time that you took to type!

Want to wish everyone all the very best, xxxxxxxxxxxx