mum in a million,it gets 2 us all.

what the hell in life is goin on! wer eva u luk, wer eva u go sum1 sumwer is sufferin wiv the ‘C’ word! but wen its ur own family every1 is so saddened shocked+hurt. why my family? i cant understand why i feel so depressed as my mum is my best friend 2 x she neva dun owt wrong 2 deserve this. mum i love you x

Monday 21st April-SEACROFT LEEDS. What a shock,mums got DCIS. I cant believe they told her a mammogram is needed.
Tuesday 22nd April-mum 2 see surgeon at L.G.I-Hopefully radiotherapy not needed if they dont have 2go under her arm into her lymph glands.
Thursday 24th April-L.G.I. Mum had a pre-op 2day,she calls it an m.o.t, all she has 2do now is wait 4 the letter 2 arrive around 2wks time 4 the operation day!

Hi teasea

Welcome to the discussion forums, I’m sorry to read of your mum’s recent diagnosis and I am sure that your fellow forum members will be along soon with valuable support and advice. You are also welcome to call our freephone confidential helpline for a chat with one of our specialist nurses they are open this morning from 9am - 2pm, our team can offer you a ‘listening ear’, advice and information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

Hi there

Sorry to hear about your mum. My mum was dx with breast cancer on the 7th March and was told she would need a full masectomy. And then later radiotherapy. I understand how you are feeling and are really sorry to hear about your mum. You willl get alot of support from this site. I know its is hard but try to look on the positive side. If they are talking about only doing a lumpectomy with no radiotherapy or chemo, it must mean the cancer is very contained and hopefully at and early stage.

As for that feeling of awful despair when you wake up and the first thing that enters your head is your poor mum. I had that feeling for well over a month and kept crying, ringing my mum every two mins to check she was ok buying flowers etc. I thought that I would feel that way forever, but a lovely lady from this site started talking to me, her mum was dx last year and she made me realise that one day it would all get better and would not be my only thought and also how my mum would get better. That day has come and my mum has started hormone treatment and is doing ok.

The only downside of all of this at the moment, is I found a lump myself just over two weeks ago and had go to the hospital and have all the same tests as my mum and also a core biopsy and needle aspiration and are waiting till Weds to get my results. That really was not something I expected or needed on top of all this and my poor mum has been doing some role refersal and worrying about me.

Hang in there, I promise you it seems so awful at the moment, but it does get better. Hope this helps a bit.


Jules xxxx

So sorry to hear that your Mum has been dx. As Jules says you will get loads of support from this site. You sound like a very caring daughter who loves her Mum to bits… that will help her along the way because we all need to know that someone loves us at a time like this.

It is a very difficult time for you and your Mum and I hope in her case that she requires the minimum of treatment. If there is a need for rads or other stuff then it’s not easy but it’s do-able. I’m 2 zaps away from the end of a 29 zap prorgam and will be on hormone treatment for 5 years but I’m just so glad that the treatment was there for me.

We all get through this in our own way and with the support of the others around us. Pass on my good wishes to your Mum and let us know how she is getting on.

omg thanku so much 4 ur advice every1, just readin ur mail now, and guess wat am cryin again! whoops… must b my hormones or sumat as i am nearly 20wks pregnant. but i guess its cos ur stories av touched me 2…it just felt like the world was against us throwin alsorts ov difficult problems at us,god if thats life wat it gona b like 4 my kids. my daughter doin her g.c.s.e’s atm,she’s 16. my son’s 8, and a new baby 2 arrive in september,thanku x

whats the odds on me gettin it? any1 av a clue…it scares the hell out ov me!! my nan(dads mum) died in october 94 from a battle wiv lung cancer,avin her lung removed,treatment etc it came 2 the ova lung, she lost her life 2 it. mums auntie died ov breast cancer after avin both breasts removed. my auntie val(mums sister) had breast cancer 3yrs ago,but treatment was successfull. my other auntie (mums sister-in-law) was diagnosed wiv breast cancer

continued… last year and she had one ov her breasts removed then came the hair loss etc she is still undergoin treatment. everyday is a worry n its not gettin easier x x

Well my mum has it and I have a lump, but even if my lump turns out to be cancer (I get biopsy results on Wed) it is not related to my mums cancer. Hers is not genetic breast cancer, so it will be a case of me just being unlucky. When older people get cancer, it more often than not is not genetic, (the moment I told them at the hospital my mum had bc they asked her age when I said she was 68 they said its not connected.) So if all the people in your family that have had bc are older chances are you will be ok. But I would go to your doctor and explain to her what is happening and tell her about your relatives and there ages etc.

Hope this helps.

J xx

thanku jules x bet u think am thick dont ya? haha am not really its just that i av no1 else 2 ask n dunt like keep askin my mum everythin x hope ur results cum back fine my fingers r crossed 4 u n please let me know thinkin ov u karen x x

No silly, ofcourse I don’t think your thick. I knew nothing about the dreaded bc until I had to know about it, and that was just through research and asking questions, due to my mum having it and then my lump. It’s only natural to ask questions at first, how else do we learn, so you keep asking away ok, that is what we are all here for, to help and support each other.

Thanks for your good wishes, only one more day to go and then it’s Wednesday fingers crossed.


its so nice 2b able 2meet new people on ere n thanks 2 every1 especially u jules i cant wait 2 come bak on n read my messages x hehe u make me smile 2 x
hugs karen x x x

You are really welcome, I am glad I have managed to make you smile, shows the site is working so that makes me smile :slight_smile:

Have you any idea what your having, a girl or a boy?


no not yet cant wait though, find out a week on wednesday 7th may ill 21wks then, id really like another girl but u only get wat ur given as long as its healthy n got everythin it shud av x av also been bak n 4th 2hospital every other day cos my blood pressure been sky high. on tablets n its calmed down a bit now but wiv all worry over last week ive had no movements at all am just bit worried x

oh how much was the baby moving before, if it doesn’t move tomorrow, maybe you should call the midwife and ask her to pop in. Sure its all ok, but best to be on the safe side.


will do. my partner said the same it was doin a lot ov flutterin about up 2 3wks b4 but not one flutter since last tuesday the midwife checked the heartbeat last thursday n it was ok but its been another 4days now x x

Please get it checked just to be on the safe side x

just lettin u know jules i rang the midwife 2day,she told me everythin shud b ok but mention at hospital on thurs wen a go 4my b.p.check he most likely listen in 4me x x u ok?

Hi there, good I am so glad your rang, because I was a bit concerned when you said the baby wasn’t moving much. Glad she thinks it’s all ok.

Well I have just started a thread up about my Wednesday appointment as I am starting to get worried about it!


oh no! its hard 4me 2tell u not 2worry cos i bet u sick ov hearin the same thing said ova n ova again 2 u. please b strong 4urself n ur mum,i will b ere 4 u 2 and av been thinkin ov u all day 2 x hope everythings gona b ok x x x