mum in a million,it gets 2 us all.

Thank you sweetie, I am feeling fairly positive, well I was up until today and now the what ifs… have taken over. but thank you xxxxx

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow Jules - please let us know how you get on then we can all be here for you.

Anita xxx

oh its worked now i c x lol

hope u r ok hun x x

mornin jules how r u? i really hope everything goes ok 4 u 2day. been thinkin bout u all nite+just hope u get the results u need…hugs karen x x x

Hi there

I didnt get to sleep until nearly four so I had a lie in and thought the longer I stay in bed the shorter amount of time to my appointment.

I will let you know this afternoon Karen thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes.

And thank you Anita too xxxxxx

i really hope u ok jules x x just came on 2 c if ud been on yet x x

Hi there sweetie thank you I have just started a thread re my results. I won’t write it out again as this is your thread and don’t to hijack it when you need support yourself. But what happened is on the new thread.

Thank you xxxx

hi every1, does any1 know how much people pay 4 masectomy bra’s. ive heard ov expensive 1’s that cost around £80 but surely u can get them cheaper than that. my mum not shopped around yet,due 2my nan bein really ill n then she had a bad fall-every1 was on alert as she’s 84yrs old,but times movin on nearer 2 mums operation, hopefully nxt week. please reply if u know thanku x x

please leave comments on the price ov masectomy bras thanku x

hi hun, I would do a thread named “Masectomy bras advice needed” and post it because not everyone will read every thread, but if you post a NEW one with a title like that people who can help will see it and reply. Hope this helps.

Hugs xxxx

Hi Teasea

You may find Breast Cancer Care’s publication, ‘A confident choice’ helpful to read. It contains information about buying bras and clothing following breast surgery and has a list of specialist bra companies at the back, here’s the link:

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

thanku 4 the advice x x

no1 else to turn to!.., but what can i do when my mum gets so upset about the mastectomy,she’s havin? she’s waitin 2go in hospital,already had her pre op done 8 days ago,still not recieved a date tellin us when this will be. they told her on the 24th april it wud b within the nxt 2weeks,times draggin on every day is so hard. all she keeps sayin is that she’s worked all her life,never done anythin wrong,why is it happening 2her.she so sad

this is also the 1st time ive heard her say anythin like this. im suppose 2 be her strength,i cant do it, im more upset 4 her,being pregnant doesnt help,but thats no excuse… i love you so much mam x x x x

oh 4 gods sake ere we go again! i thought this was ova but its bak again,yep my daughter who’s 16 has been real self-concious over her weight since september last year,shes been goin 2the gym 3times a week,she went 2 florida 4 xmas+new year wiv her auntie+uncle n came back home wiv her weight droppin 2stones. we watched her everyday 4 the bulimic-anorexic thing then things calmed. she had her dress taken in twice 4 her school prom in july…

can u believe she stayin at her nanans 2nite+just txt me sayin mam guess wat ive lost another 4+half pounds this week. then another txt sayin whats the point in life-am so bored+dont know why i’m livin!! why?.. oh ive had enuf now wat more can life throw at me,am so sad

Hey teasea,

sometimes life is sad, other times it’s fantastic. read a good quote - ‘Your pain is the breaking of the shell that is your understanding’

So true - how can we work stuff out if we don’t have the knowledge of it?

Anyway bras.
I paid £28 for a Royce surgical bra recommended by my breast care nurse It has silver in it to reduce infection risks, it’s front opening, velcro straps and very comfy. i bought 2 on line with no extras for P&P. try
you can wear it soon after surgery and for a long time after. if you can be arsed, you can also claim bact the VAT on mastectomy products. Royce do lots of bras to suit. I liked their site.

They’re all different. yours is doing the image thing and you are being an excellent mum in knowling what’s going on. IF her BMI is looking unhealthy ie she’s looking too thin for comfort, take her to the docs. or of course if the eating disorder thing carries on at all.

I’m a midwife. At 21 weeks youoften get a flutter that changes due to the baby repositoning itself. Off course, when you’re stressed you don’t concentrate so much on it either. but your m/w can always listen in if you nip in to see her, or your GP. I often advise to sit with a cuppa and chocolate - they love the sgar and will generally bomb around after a bar.

Love to your Mum & you Td x

oh yes
bra - Silver Style 736

it’s not silver - just white!!

Td x

aww thanku so much 4 the advice on all my problems i think its everythin happenin all at the same time, worries worries worries thats life i guess x thankyou 4 advice on the baby i av my 20wks scan on wednesday i will b 21wks 2days then with wat the dating scan gave me. my fingers crossed everything will b ok but my doctor at my local hospital yesterday didnt seem 2interested.he just said stop panickin+wait until ur scan nxt week u’ll be fine!