Mum starts rads tomorrow.

Mum goes back to the Marsden tomorrow and starts a six week course of rads, but over three weeks. This is a relatively new thing that they do so I have been told by a few ladies on here. The reason she is having it that way is because she had a partial mastectomy and the margins are very tight and they want to make sure they give her a really good dose.

I am really worried that one the margins are too narrow and two that having that much radiotherapy is going to really burn her.

Any advice what to expect would be great.


Hi Jules

I had 33 sessions of radiotherapy at the Marsden - 25 normal sessions and 8 booster sessions. I am very fair skinned and didnt have any problems until the last few sessions when the skin broke down. I was given a cooling gel and this provided good relief from the discomfort.

Your mum is in very good hands at the Marsden and I am sure she will be fine.

Wishing her good luck for her treatment.

Best wishes

Thank you rita, she has 15 doubles over three weeks. Another friend from here suggested some cream, I think you put it on beforehand.

I am off to Brighton to stay at a friends flat for a long weekend end of next week, its mums birthday, and I would have liked her to come down, but wonder if she will be to weak and tired to travel.


Hi Jules,

I echo what RMW says as well. I too was treated at the Marsden - first time round had rads for 30 +5 boosters (7 weeks) and 2nd time had 30 session (6 weeks)

I know that thinking now is leaning towards increasing the exposure over shorter period. If the body copes well with it then I think it is a good idea. Much better than all that travelling every day for so long. That is exhausting. The new radiotherapy suite at the Marsden is fantastic and the girls there are really lovely. Here’s wishing your mum all the best for it.


Thank you Dawn, hope your doing ok. Mum and I were really pleased when we met you at the Marsden. You really are a remarkable lady, and are a total inspiration to bc sufferers.

And I must admit mum has had nothing but wonderful treatment at the Marsden, and I am sure the Rads will be the same as the rest of her treatment. Your right about the journey time. They live about an hour away so that will help. I am just a bit concerned about the margins being very tight and wish she had had the full mastectomy rather than the partial.

Jules xxxx

As Dawn said there are quite a lot of units now giving the same dose over a shorter period of time.
The hospital where I was treated in 06 has been doing this for a while and although my skin did become sore towards the end of the course it didn’t break down and I was VERY pleased to only do 3 weeks. I think that on balance it benefits both patient and hospital.
Hope all goes well for your mum.

Thanks Claire. She has been told it will take twenty minutes and she has to be there half an hour earlier. Her appointment is later in the afternoon, I have been told that you keep to the same slot every day doing rads, is that true?

She said she will ring tonight to let me know how its gone.

Jules xx

Hi Jules,

The Marsden do try and keep to the same slot each day. If they don’t, and it doesn’t suit Mum just needs to talk to them about what is convenient for her. They always seem to do their best to accommodate.


Dawn lol you know what my mum is like!!! She won’t say anything lol You remember she lay in bed all night busting for the loo but didn’t want to bother them!

She is there the latter part of the day, if your around pop in and say hello.

Love Jules xxxx

Just spoke to my dad, there having dinner, but mum seems to have done ok with her first dose! 1 down 14 left to go. Mum is eating but will call later and let me know how she feels. You were right ladies, they were really kind in the Radiotherapy unit.

Jules xx

Hi Dawn

Not sure if your still around. Spoke to mum a bit earlier this evening. All went very well, and she doesn’t seem to be feeling to tired (yet) 14 to go! She has got all her appointments for the next three weeks and they are all at different times.

I really feel that hopefully things will start to get back to normal after she has finished this, well until her next mammogram!

Jules xxx