Mum very isolated with Secondary breast cancer

Hi all,

I live in the Glasgow area, and I was looking for some advice. My mum has been living with cancer for 9 years now- initially diagnosed in the breast, and then the bone and liver. The liver tumour was initially very large with many side effects, and after treatment, she found she could not cope with the full-time job she had and she had to give up work.

She lives on her own, with me living nearby, and she has some friends (who don’t have cancer) who she see’s most weeks. She has a macmillan nurse also, but they are very busy with many referals, and I feel she needs more support, and to meet more people like her with secondaries who understand what its like. She is a young at heart mid 60’s woman, and she has tried to extend her social circle by attending a hospice, whoever many of whom who do attend do not have cancer, and are much older than her.

Does anyone know of any groups, or even anyone who is on e-mail (she has a laptop), who would be able to relate to her and become e-buddies almost? She doesn’t know I am writing this, and she is the type of person who just plods on, but I think she would really benefit from more support.

Many thanks in advance,

Nicola x

Hi Nicola
Just bumping this up so more people can see it.
Your Mum would be very welcome on these forums, there are many ladies living with secondary BC and lots of them post on here. I have found a huge amount of support from them since joining over 3 years ago when my bone mets were diagnosed. And it’s the only place I have found where there are ladies who know what I mean when I feel low, high, angry, sad or happy as we’re all in the same boat, especially us secondaries ladies. If she would like to post a comment or find out information about other ladies experiences she is more than welcome to join in. I have many friends who live local to me who don’t have any form of BC (lucky them!) so I know how difficult it is to relate to them about my condition when they really don’t understand any of the obstacles that come our way. Your Mum may even find a secondaries group that she can join nearer her local area if she comes on here.