Mum with Cancer

Hi my mum was diagnosed with cancer about 2 months ago - she had gone for a mammograms and they picked up a lump. She was told that the lump was 1cm big. She had a lumpectomy and her lymph glands removed and apparently 3 of the 7 they removed were cancerous. The margin that they took on the lump was not big enough when they analysed it so she had to go back in last week to have some more removed. Me and my sister just have so many questions and whilst I have done some research nothing is really specific enough to answer the questions and we still dont seem to know how bad it really is - they have done blood tests that have come back clear but is there anything else they should be doing like an MRI scan or something to make sure it hasnt spread? How soon after surgery does treatment normally start? originally we were told 6 weeks but this seems to have changed to 3. I know this seems selfish but what checks can I have at 30 years old to see if its hereditary - my aunty on my mothers side has also had breast cancer?

Would be grateful for any advice.

Hi kandrew

I am sorry to read about your Mum’s recent diagnosis and can appreciate that you have lots of questions and worries. You, your Mum and sister may find our resource pack helpful as it contains information about diagnosis, treatments and support available, you can order this via the following link:

We have also published a factsheet about breast cancer in families which you may also find helpful:

You are welcome to call our helpline to talk through any of your questions and concerns with one of our specialsit nurses on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

I hope this helps

Take care


If it ok I would like to keep this updated with what is happening - my mum went back for the results of her second lot of surgery yesterday and was told that there are a few cancerous cells over the other side of her brest and therefore she has got to go back in next tuesday to have a mastectomy. The process just seems to be getting longer as originally she should have been starting chemo next week.

Hi Kandrew,
Its such a worrying and frustrating time isn’t it? lots of waiting for results and sorting out the best treatment plan. And even those plans may change due to results from tests.
Its 18 months since I was dx. From the suspicious areas being picked up on an ultrasound it was a further 3 weeks before I had a lumpectomy, this was due to inconclusive results. Then after the lump was removed, like your mum I was told I needed a mastectomy, so found myself back in hospital having a second op within a fortnight.
Its also a worrying time for you, not only about your worries for your mum but for your own health.
My mum had bc and now me, so my sister has been along for a mammogram. She has two daughters whose paternal grandmother died of bc so I can understand your concerns.
All the best and keep posting, there is lots of info, support and reassurance on here.

Thanks Magsi - it is definitely helpful to hear other peoples stories and know that other have/are going through similar things.


My mum had her mastectomy and I was quite surprised that there was no counselling with regard to BC or the mastectomy but there you go. She has since found out that the bc was 26cm so it was a lot bigger than the 1cm we had been told at the start. We have been waiting a while now and it seems that finally 4 months after being diagnosed she will start chemo - does it normally take this long? Although I understand that due to her having 3 operations in total this has probably delayed the process.

Hi kandrew,

I hope you and your Mum are OK and that the surgery went well.

Sorry just come across your post. Regarding other tests your Mum might have - it seems to depend on where you are in the country. I was diagnosed in May 2007 and I live in Scotland. I had a CT scan and bone scan but not an MRI. I’ve been told that that would only be ordered if I had further symptoms.

I had my mastectomy in June and started chemo in July, diagnosed in May so it was a couple of months wait for chemo but obviously your Mum has been delayed because of the various operations. Have you been introduced to your Mum’s breast cancer care nurse? they are your first point of contact for any questions or if your Mum feels that she needs to speak to someone (re counselling etc) they can organise this.

If you have any questions I’ll try to help, I’ve had chemo, radiotherapy, herceptin and currently on tamoxifen.

Take care and a big hug for you both,