Mum with secondary lung and brain mets

Mum with secondary lung and brain mets

Mum with secondary lung and brain mets Hi there, my mum has been recently diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the lung and brain (within the last week)… Its obviously a massive shock, has anyone on the forum recently started treatment or known someone that has been through this horrible experience. Please reply with anything, however little, we simply need to establish what the hell is going on and how to deal with it!! Thanks

Helpline Hi Jonathan

I am sorry that your mum and family are having such a difficult time and understand this must a shock for you all, I am sure you will receive a lot of advice and support fron the other users on this forum.

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence please contact one of our trained helpliners and nurses on freephone number 0808 800 6000. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. The team comes from a variety of backgrounds, so callers get to talk to someone who has an understanding of the issues they’re facing.

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Hi Johnathan

I too remember what a shock it was being diagnosed with lung secs. It takes quite a while to get your head around it but i had a course of taxotare chemo and that was 3 years ago and ive been very well since then so dont give up. Listen carefully to what your oncologist suggests, i dont have experience with brain mets but i believe other people on here have had radiotherapy for that.

Keep us posted on what is offered to your mum and im sure youll get some good advice from others who have had similar treatments.

Sending you and your mum hugs and kisses

My mum was the same Hi Jonathan

My mum had exactly the same as your mum. I lost my mum in August of this year, but it was unrelated to her cancer.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2004. She did 6 months of chemo and then 6 weeks of radiotherapy. Her cancer returned in her lung in August of 2005. She then commenced a chemo called taxotere and she also took another chemo in a pill form called capcetabine (or xeloda). She was scanned after 3 months and her lung was clear.

She was then kept on a maintenence dose of capcetabine. Then in May of this year she was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was also related to her breast cancer. She was one of the lucky ones and was able to have an operation to remove the tumour and then she had whole brain radiation. This made her very tired and weak. Do you know if your mum is able to have an operation at all? If not she may begin whole brain radiation. I have followed this website for over a year, and know that there is a lady who posts on here who had whole brain radiation and she is doing well.

My mum tolerated her treatments very well and was always very upbeat. It was a massive shock for us as well but once this has died down there starts a determination to fight it off by whatever means possible. I know that there are many treatments out there. My mum was quite young, 55, and although the chemo was hard going it was definately worth it for my mum. Have any treatment options been discussed for your mum?

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will try and help as much as I can. I have gained so much information from the ladies on the secondary breast cancer section over time, I dont post there but I always read the information and used what I could to apply to my mum.


thanks for replyin Unfortunately my mum cant have chemo because of the secondary brain mets, she also cant have an operation, the docs have said she has 2 years max, but she is strong, still only 53, i hope she can prove them wrong… i have everything in my body crossed for her. I will keep comin on this website frequently for advice, updates, and any help i can give others…

Kind Regards

Hi Joanne Thanks for your reply, its comforting to have a response from someone who knows what im going through, and im really sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. We only found out on Friday night, and its been non-stop crying till now, when i feel as if im entering a period of denial (as my mum is still walking and talking and seeming as normal as ever).
She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, she caught it really early as she is a nurse, and works for bupa, so had it operated on within 10days of finding out. At the age of 53, all her chemo and radiotherapy went exceptionally well, and she was given the all clear… Until last fri, a cough she had for a while had developed into lung mets, and she collapsed twice last week, which meant we rushed her in for a brain scan.
The results were devastating, secondary lung and brain mets, too many to operate on. just drugs and two doses of whole brain radio offered by the docs. I am so scared, angry, confused, my world has been turned upside down, and i crave the oh so normal life i had just one week ago, why does this happen to good people, yet murderers can live to their 90’s??
Is it likely that we may lose my mum to something uncancer related?? What sort of thing might that be?
Any info you can get back to me with is greatly appreciated…

Kind regards,


Mums Hiya

So sorry about your mum, I am really sorry if I made you nervous about loosing my mum. What happened to my mum was just a freak and not releated to her cancer. Basically she fell over and broke her hip, which was totally her fault. Before this she was strong and doing well. But her hip took a long time to heal, and she developed blood clots because she couldnt move around and was on crutches. Because of this she then developed pneumonia and that is how I lost her.

I felt exactly the same as you I promise. I prepared myself for the worst but never believed it would happen to me and my family. Like you I was really angry about it, our mums are so young and I felt my mum had far to much to do, I still feel that. I am sure that you will be a great support to your mum and be there for her. I went to all appointments with my mum and wanted to know exactly what was going on and I just did whatever I could for her, and she really appreciated it. My mum and I were so close, she was the most important person in the world to me, and I just took my lead on how to behave from her. She sounds a lot like your brave mum, didnt really discuss it too much when she found out, and we basically just tried to carry on as normal. But that was good for us as my mum tried not to make it the focus of our lives.

When does your mum start her radiation?


mums Hi again joanne,

She starts her radiation on thursday (hopefully), as we want to get her in asap, i hate the thought of tumors being able to grow quickly and diminishing her quality of life when they could be shrunk sooner.
Dont worry you didnt make me nervous before, i am already nervous! scared, apprehensive, confused, angry etc etc…
I know before you mentioned you knew of someone who had full brain radiation on this forum, do they still post? or do you know how they are doing?
I guess we are all praying for a miracle, and in stages of denial, but the emotional rollercoaster that fluctuates from day to day, hour to hour is something im sure your aware of.
We are all trying to keep busy and stay positive, but sometimes the samllest things can set you off. I think my mum is coping ok at the mo, she is brave, as was your mum by the sounds of it. We will be brave as a family. We also have great support from friends and family which i know will help us get through this trying time.
How did you cope with work? Did you have time off? Did other members of your family have time off? Did you go to places and do things as a family, or mostly stay at home resting?
I came across a fortnightly open chat/meet that hapens on this forum, did you or your mum ever use it, if so was it worthwhile?
Sorry if this seems like i am firing a million questions at you, but every day there are more questions that are in un-chartered territory for families that have no previous history, or any idea how to cope in this situation.
Hope to hear from you again sometime soon,



try posting on the secondry site! hi jonathan sorry to hear about your mam, if you post your questions on the secondry breast cancer thread im sure someone can help, and maybe the ladie who had brain radiation might reply to you. i hope you find the help you need ill be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed, take care xxx suzee

I am Sorry Dear Jonathan,

I am so sorry that you and your family are having to go through this ordeal. It is such a frightening time for you all. My mum has been diagnosed with liver and bone secondaries (one is in her skull pressing on her brain). She had breast cancer 4 years ago and was very much looking forward to receiving the all clear this coming February. Unfortunately this year she became very unwell with pain and sickness and it took some time for the diagnosis.

I am wondering what drugs they have put your Mum on? They have put my mum on a hormonal therapy “Arimidex” and she seems to be responding very well. No more pain and there is a sparkle back in her eyes! She is also on Dexamethasone (Steroid) which I think is really helping with reducing the swelling from the tumours and any pain she is in. She is also due to have radiotherapy for the skull tumor on the 20th November so we are hoping this will help too.

There is so much that can be done to help Jonathan so please please be brave and positive. I understand how frightening it all is at the moment but somehow you will find the strength to help you and your family through. Take each day at a time.

I have left my job in London to be at home with Mum. I want to love and support her as much as I can. She has been there for me throughout my life and I owe her so much. I am getting teary now so will sign off but am sending big hugs to you and your Mum.


Hiya Hi there, sorry i dont know your name, im assuming its not missfishy?!

Isnt the worst thing that you think its all gone, and the all clear is looming close, and then, bang, worse case scenario happens. Sorry to hear that you mum is also poorly.
My mum is also on the dex steriods, and they are helping, no headaches, no pain, no wobbly legs, in-fact she is enjoying some long walks with the dog and the family. It makes it harder because she is so normal at the moment, its such a surreal experience for my mum and for our family. We have lots of iminent visits from family planned, so we will be strong for the moment, but its still so raw. We are taking each day as it comes.
Big hugs back to you and your family.


good idea Hi suzee,

Thanks for you words, i will also post on the secondary site. Normally i would of thought of that straight away, but my head is all over the place at the mo.

Kind regards


Its Debbie! No for sure my name is not Missfishy90! I am not sure how to change it now as it is part of my hotmail address so I am kind of stuck with it.

Keep us posted on how your Mum is doing. This site gives so much help and support.

I am taking Mum out today as the leaves on the trees look so beautiful and she hasnt been out for a while. I am hoping some fresh air will revive her a little.

Take care

There is hope Dear Jonathan

I have just been reading your post and I thought I would just give you a bit of info from my side.
My sister who has just turned 40 was diagnosed with multi brain mets and lungs mets this year. Her brain mets are also inoperable. She was on dex… and has had WBR and chemo. It has been a tough hard time for her but she has just finished her chemo and is showing signs of recovery. Her last scans have shown that her brains mets have shrunk and so have her lung mets. The first couple of chemos (taxotere) really knocked her out but as the treatment went along she seemed to be able to cope with it more. There are ladies on the other secondary site who have brain/lung mets who have also some success with their treatment. Read KitKats posting. She ran a diary of her treatment whilst undergoing WBR.
Anyway, I realise that everyone reacts differently towards treatment but I know that when my sister was diagnosed the doctors weren’t that positive and really didn’t give us much hope so I thought I would let you know that there are people out there who are successfully being treated.
Take Care