Mums finished radiotherapy - what happens next HELP

Hi all,
My Mum was diagnosed in June this year - she had small tumour, non aggresive, lymph node involvement. Obviously it was a very traumstic time, and I was off work sick for some time. I took her everywhere with our baby son, and now she has finished radiotherapy. I then slept lots catching up mentally I think. On reflection I thought it was all over then - she would have good days and some bad with the tablets but overall life was good. Then for some strange reason I started to think what if it does come back - what are the chances etc. Actually the doctors said there is only 5% chance of it coming back.

I came on here tonight for the first time in ages. I found a thread about NO lymph node involvement and the cancer has come back and killed.

Now I feel back to (nearly) square 1 emotionally - I am so scare it might come back and how will be know if it has and where it is.

What happens next? WIll they do any checks? We are going back to hopsital in 2 weeks but there is no real explaination why.

My Mum is really strong now - she has taken the bull by the horns so to speak. But now I have gone into worry mode.

Also she has lost a lot of weight with her natural food diet. Too much weight I feel.
However she is positively glowing. She looks a lot more healthy that she did pre-cancer diagnosis.

If anyone can shed light on what happens next I would be very grateful

Many Thanks and love to all
Suzy xxx

Hello Suzy

I saw your post and thought I would reply. I’m sure that you will get may replies to your post and much support.
My situation re cancer grade etc was a bit like your Mums, 6/17 nodes were involved. After radiotherphy finished on the 18th May 2004 I had a followup appointment with my Oncologist just to go over what had happened re my treatment etc. We were in with in for 5-10 minutes and that was it. I went for a mamogram in the October of that year and had appointments with either the Oncologist or Surgeon every 6 months. I’d like to say that they were informative but can’t because we were in and out so quickly and appart from an examination and questions about how I was feeling that was that. We were private patients as my husband gets cover with his job but I have seen many posts where this was normal in the NHS as well. I have had no tests apart from the yearly mamograms and certainly never offered a scan. Theres not much more I can say because that was it for me.
What my surgeon did say that a positive attitude is the most important thing and from what you have said thats exactly what your Mum is doing. As for the diet, I would think that a healthy diet is very important as long as she is getting all the correct vitamins etc.

I’m sure that you will get more replies and support to set your mind at rest.

Take care


Hi Suzy

Your mum has a very good outlook with a 5% chance of recurrence. Cancer is a very individual disease and affects people so differently, so although someone had a recurrence with no node involvement, does not mean for one second that your mother is likely to relapse. There are so many underlying factors that determine a person’s individual prognosis and only your mother’s oncologist and surgeon will really know. These forums are very good for offering support and advice, but you mustn’t compare your mother to anybody else on here as we are all so different. You have gone through a terribly traumatic time and I think in many ways, the relatives and friends of those undergoing treatment have a tougher time as they don’t have direct contact with the medical staff. Your mum has now finished treatment and has a very good chance of a full recovery, so don’t spoil these happy days with thoughts of “what if?”. You may well need to speak to someone professionally to get all your worries into perspective and that I am sure could be arranged by your mum’s breast care nurse or your GP.

The hospital appointment lined up for your mum sounds like it is just a follow up appointment. She will get a few of these in the next few months, just for reassurance and to see if there are any side effects from treatment. She will probably have a mammogram soon as well. The fact that your mum is glowing is such a good thing. As Hazel says, a healthy diet is so important as long as she is not cutting out too much all at once. Enjoy your mother’s good health and don’t pay too much attention to the these forums in terms of who relapses as they are not likely to be applicable to your mother.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give your support Hazel and Cathy. I do feel better now. She was poorly yesterday - we thought it was a bad day of Arimadex but I thats when I started to worry. Today she looked really dazed and then rang me earlier this evening crying in pain - we called NHS direct, and then I took her to hospital to see a doctor. She has a painful urine infection sadly, but the good news is that now she has the antibiotics and this will be fixed. So thanks again. I am going to sign off now and enjoy life. Love to all xxx