Mum's Radiotherapy

Hello everyone,
I have just joined the group, however I have been reading the forum for some weeks now and it has given me and my Mother so much help.
My darling Mother who is 82 yrs old, is coming to the end of her radiotheraphy sessions, she has four to go. (25 in total) She has been doing very well, but since Friday she has been feeling very sick, dizzy and even more tired that normal. The nurse said that it would possibly get worse and last for a couple of weeks after the sessions stop. Will it? Since the treat started she has been falling asleep most afternoons for a couple of hours, but now it is worse, by lunch time she is wiped out. She is beginning to feel depressed, which certainly is not normal for her. She is beginning to have some burning now.She thinks that the dosage has been increased since half way through the sessions. She counts the time she is laying still and it has increased from a count of 10 to 15 now. Is this possible? I am so proud of how she is coping, but so worried for her. It was such a shock to be diagonised at 82 and to have her breast removed.
Thank you all for your support through this forum.

Hi Debo,

The effects of radiotherapy are cumulative so the symptoms of tiredness and feeling down start getting worse around midway through the treatments and go on for a few weeks after radiotherapy has finished. The same applies to soreness of the skin; mine only broke down ten days after treatment had finished. Please ask the radiotherapist or nurse for something to treat her soreness. As to whether the sessions last longer, I really don’t know but imagine they are of a standard length.

Your mum sounds like a remarkable woman and it is no surprise she is finding the treatment hard-going at her age.

Best wishes,

Hi AlexG,
Thank you for your reply. We are just back from todays session, only three to go.
Best wishes to everyone,

I hope that your Mum’s final sessions go well and that her skin bears up… As Alex has said the effects tend to be cumulative so she might have now reached a point where she is getting dehydrated which could be causing her to feel dizzy and sick… So be sure to make sure she is drinking even small amounts frequently if she is feeling nauseas…

Theresa x

Debo - I found that taking a drink of lemon barley with me to drink immediately after rads helped me for the drive home. I am so sorry your Mum is having to go through this and I know how you feel - helpless, I bet. My Mum was diagnosed at 76 but hers had spread to her bones, so they didn’t even remove the lump. She did have rads on bone hot-spots and I think it made her feel queasy sometimes.

I doubt that they have adjusted the dose, unless she is having boosters. I had 15 to the whole breast and 4 boosters to the site of the lump. As others have said, the effects are cumulative.

Best of luck for the remaining sessions.

Ann xxx

Hello Debo,
So sorry that your Mum is having to go through all of this at her age.
I have been on rads for 7 days now, I’m having 15 in all,it does appear to get tiring and I’m 56, so your Mum will be feeling very tired after her treatment each day. I’m pleased to here that she’s only got 3 more to go. I have been told that it can get a bit more sore after rads have finnished, but not everyone has this problem.
I hope all goes well for the rest of her treatment and that she will be feeling much better very soon.

Hugs and Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

HI Everyone,
Just to let you know that Mum has completed her Rad. sessions. The following week she began to blister badly. The blisters were in a straight line towards her neck and in the middle of her chest. They burst, but thankfully didn’t become infected. Below where her breast was is very dark red and burning, but other than that she is coping well.
The worrying thing is that she has had very bad pins and needles in the lower arm and hand on the side that the operation was, which don’t seem to be getting better. Has anyone experienced this please. She doesn’t see her oncol. until the end of Setember.
Love to all,