Mums Weight Loss


Has anyone experienced weight loss with Secondary Breach Cancer?

My mum is on a trial drug TDM-1 and the doctors have noticed a quite considerable amount of weight loss and advised her to eat everything full fat, i.e milk, butter etc.

Any comments on this? First time round she gained a little weight but she is only 4’8 and size 6 as it is I’m worried about her !!

Thanks Ladies

Jen x x x

Hi I know some plp can loose weight on chemo on my first lot I lot a gd 2 stone with sickness no appetite etc but with this lot I’ve put some on have they given her steroids they help maybe someone else on the trial might be along soon with some tips


Thanks for your comments - Are water infections common on alot of cancer treatments? We think Mum may have a slight one and wondered if this was a common side effect although she is on a trial.

Love to you all ladies

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I think we’re more prone to infections including waterworks, actually as our cleansing organs have to work even harder to flush all the medications I would think it fairly common. Get them to do a urine sample to nip it in the bud. If your mum has got infection that might add to weight loss.
Best wishes to you both xx