Muscle weakness

Hi – I finished treatments four months ago – I had four chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy. While I was in London having the radiotherapy I walked a lot – more than I normally do (I have a desk job) – towards the end of the five weeks my legs were becoming more and more stiff and painful but I thought it was just because I was unused to walking so much so didn’t pay much attention to it.
In the four months since returning home I have noticed a weakness in all the muscles of my body – a simple cleaning task has left me with tennis elbow, my legs are still stiff (especially after sitting for any length of time) and when I try to lift things (that other people have no trouble with) I find them too heavy. Has anyone else noticed this?

I had my last chemo session on 3rd August. I was so looking forward to feeling better but for the last 3 weeks I have been very stiff and ache all over. Not sure if its my joints or muscle pain. Its worse when I get up in the morning, I can barely walk downstairs and getting out of a chair after sitting for a while is quite difficult. I feel like a 90 year old! I’ve been doing quite a lot of walking, but nothing too strenuous. I put on over a stone whilst having treatment and there is no sign of me losing any weight even though I am more active and eat sensibly. I asked my oncologist if it was fluid retention but he said no, it was fat! He also said the aches and pains are quite normal after chemo. Its very depressing when we do all the things we are told to but don’t get the results we want.

I hope our bodies will soon recover from the chemo, but I’d like to know how long it will take.

Best wishes

To both of you - KEEP THE FAITH. I was convinced I would forever have to CRAWL along corridor to the loo, take ten minutes to getoff sofa - rolling on to floor at first - need daughter’s help to get out of bath. Now I am garending, redecorating, walking to school to pick up grandson.
All that said - it was a very gradual process and tis only now, seven months after last treatment that I can marvel at the difference.

Best wishes