Must stop googling about this spot!

I saw this spot on the 14th as i was changing, thought it was a bruise and wondered what the heck I did. It didn’t hurt. Few days later I noticed it was swollen a bit. So of course I made a doc appointment, it’s on Halloween, almost here. But of course I haven’t been able to get my mind off it. I tried to pop it the first few days, thought maybe it was an ingrown hair so I poked at it a bit, nothing happened. It doesn’t hurt. The skin there is pretty loose so I can grab it, feels like an oval, it’s not soft like a pea but not hard like a marble. I have no other symptoms or issues. No pain, no swelling, no itching, no nipple discharge. I’m just sitting here making myself miserable waiting.

One pic, was taken upside down and the one with orange is from today - it looks smaller to me.

[moderator note: removed photo as per our photography guidelines]

I know you all aren’t docs, I’m not looking for any diagnosis here. Just trying to bring myself back down out of the search hole of darkness.

I feel your pain. Google has been the literal devil for me. Been in tears for days, haven’t eaten. Can barely sleep. I can’t tell if some of my symptoms are from anxiety or if they’re real. 
at least the spot is getting smaller! Have you been using any new soaps/shampoo/detergent? 

Hi Sarah


Google is sanity’s worst enemy. Steer clear. Having said that, a year ago, I was googling my ‘spots’ while I waited to see the doctor - didn’t find anything useful of course. It’s always wise to get something checked out. You’ll only worry endlessly about it otherwise so the emotional benefits outweigh the risk of ‘wasting’ a GP’s time. 


My tiny spots were nothing like yours (be reassured) and they saved my life :slight_smile: By now you’ve seen your GP so please let us know the outcome?  


Take care and keep vigilant about those precious boobs.

Hi. Did you have this looked at? If so what was the out come? I have the same thing. Getting an appointment with my gp is a nightmare x

I have the same thing!!! Mine is smaller but it’s veiny and red. The skin started to peel a little on top of it. I made an appointment but it’s making me a little worried.   Can’t get a good pic 

[moderator note: removed photo as per our photography guidelines]

Wondering if you ever found out what it was? I currently have the same looking spot