Mx and ANC 29th Nov... anybody else?

Hi, I’ve had a bumpy journey from Dx on 8th Sept, WLE+Snb 5th Oct
(no margins, VI+, 4/4 nodes and bumped up from Grade 2 to 3, ER+ PR+ HER-),think even my surgeon was a bit shocked.

Plan changed to Chemo first, and then changed back to surgery after finding a mystery lump in my tummy (my brother thinks it’s a Yorkshire Pudding)- 95% sure it has nothing to do with BC, but biopsy inconclusive, it’s had to go up to London for further tests!

I have now been pencilled in for Right Mx and ANC and removal of the lump , in a weeks time.

Had been coping well with the prospect of Chemo, but I am now in tears every day and not sleeping… help? Px

Oh Dear, sounds like your having a rough time… This too shall pass !

I am not surprised to hear your crying everyday, I think thats a normal reaction so don’t beat yourself up over this… Have you thought of counseling… This may help…

As for sleeping see your Doctor, get some pills, I was really against this when told to do so purely because I cannot stand the thought of being a Zombie, to be honest though paracetamol can do that to me if I haven’t eaten, Anyway my Doc prescribed a relaxant rather than sleeper, its fantastic, I take one before I go to bed… 20 minutes later, asleep.
Mainly keep posting, I’m sure there will be many other ladies along soon to advise you…
Sending you hugs Teresa xxx

Just want you to know I’m thinking of you.

im also thinking of you.

Peachez - sending you massive cyber hugs (((((((((((((((())))))))))))))

I had a 3cm lump, ER+ HER2-, Grade 3, and had mx and axillary clearance just over a week ago - one node found to have a tumour in it, so seeing onc. on Monday prior to starting chemo.

The mx and anc are not too bad, honestly - but of course you are in pieces at the moment, it’s totally allowable. I’ll keep everything crossed for you - both for the results for your tummy lump (prob. is just a yorkshire pud, far more dangerous than anyone realises), and for your surgery. If it’s any support - a friend of mine had 4/4 nodes test positive on snb, had to go back for anc, and no further nodes were found to be cancerous… so do hold on xxxx (She is now three years post-op and feeling/looking fabulous).

Please see your GP if you cannot sleep - you need all the energy reserves you can muster to battle this, and keep on posting - we’re all here for you.

Sophie xxxx

Thankyou wonderful ladies for your support.

Teresa, I have some valium from the Doc, maybe I’ll take one every night this week to get me through. Am trying some meditation, also waiting for a clinical psychology appt but may try something more local as it seems to be taking an age to come through. Thank you for the push!

Lemongrove/Hatty, thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

Sophie,it’s very good indeed to hear of your friend, there may be hope!! there’s a bit of me quietly determined to get well past 70, (am 52 now) wishful thinking or positive thinking?

My pre op is this afternoon, I know it has to be done. I sit in front of the mirror trying to imagine how it will look. The contrast is going to be startling as I’m an E cup!!

Love and hugs to all, Px

Peachez - def. positive thinking!! Hope your pre-op went well this afternoon, hang on in there.

Sophie xxxx

Hi Sophie, pre op done. BCN nurse spent ages with me and OH. Operation date confirmed 29th while we were there. Two surgeons, one for the Yorkshire Pud bit.

Had a play with a softie and went through the drains …that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean :-), will see lead surgeon on Thursday pm , bought a post op bra from M&S on the way home.

Taking the pills and Hanging on…


Wishing you all the best.

One comment I would make is; does your hospital have a specific person that fits you up for prosthesis after your op. I got bored post op waiting for my appt with her as I had to have a corrective surgery of the scar and this delayed things. I went and bought a bra from M&S based on my current size. At my eventual appointment and having tried on about 7 different prosthesis we actually found that I was a cup size bigger. Bought more bras in correct size and they are so much more comfortable.


Glad you’ve got a date Peachez - won’t be long now. Enjoy sleeping on your side whilst you can, is my advice - in fact - stay laid on your side for the next five days, make the most of it! (Can you tell I miss sleeping on my left side?!!). So good that your BCN spent a good long time with you and your OH, and gave you a hands on idea of what your ‘new equipment’ will look like, temporarily at least!!

Hope you have a good meeting with the lead surgeon tomorrow - don’t forget to write down any questions you have beforehand… xxxxxx

Snoogle - I ended up buying M&S vest tops with the built in soft cups that will fit anyone B-D, as I have absolutely no idea what size I am at the moment!!! I don’t think I was very good at measuring before I lost a boob, now I haven’t a clue. I was in a 36DD, but having measured my ribcage I now know I’m a 34 something… but the surgeons lopped off my (considerably) bigger boob so now it’s anyone’s guess… C? D? !! My bcn, fortunately, has a wide selection of bras to try on along with the prosthesis…and I’ve found a 34D mastectomy bra on ebay for 99p, so that should give me an idea of if I’m in the right ballpark…without spending a fortune on new ones just yet!

I’ve got my prosthesis fitting on 21st Dec - new (fake)boob, prob. no hair and black nail varnish… it’ll be a whole new me by the new year!!

and my New Year’s Resolution…??? **&&£@@@**! As if! Like I need MORE stress right now? Maybe I’ll resolve to no longer worry about my weight and to ensure I drink far more red wine.

Sophie xx

Hi Guys,
I’ve got two bras now, and a vest with a support ‘shelf’. I’ve also got two really soft nursing bras left over from the lumpectomy stage, lots of choice. The boob that is going was the slightly larger of the two, so fitting will be an adventure!

Saw my Surgeon today, very reassured, she talked through all my worries, small and large.

St Thomas’ have finally pronounced on the Yorkshire Pudding. I have a low grade Lymphoma (joy! two types of cancer in one hit!) which would otherwise be treated with lower doses of some of the Chemo I’ll be having anyway. They are so not worried about it that they may not even take the lump out, ha!

I think I’m ready… anybody else felt like it’s the same as jumping off the 10 metre board at Crystal Palace??? I got up there once and looked over the edge - but chickened out. No choice this time…

Love P xx

Hi, I didn’t quite bounce back from my MX the way I wanted to, the double whammy of the removal of the Yorkshire Pud meant I was a full week in Hospital and still came out with a drain in! last one out on day 10 even though it was still draining 150ml; am wearing bras now, night and day, to try and shrink the Third boob that has grown in my armpit!

Re: Chemo. Does anyone know if having a sore throat would stop them from kicking off my Chemo? I don’t seem to have a tempreture or swollen glands - maybe it’s just the much talked about “dry mouth” side effect of the Femara?

Going back for the path results on Weds 15th. Really scared, everything seems to bring more bad news!



It can run like that sometimes when you feel that all news is bad news. Hang in there. I had to have mine drained quite a lot until they discovered there was no more to drain and I had to have a second op to tidy up the excess. Still better that they took too little than too much.

Quite used to my little friend now. ALthough she does play up dreadfully when I go to yoga!


Hi Lovely Ladies,

path results: One more node found so 5/29 total. Two more tumours 2mm and 4mm, all contained “within the flap”. Good clear margins. Chemo will start early in the New Year… stay on the Femara until then.

The Seroma now drained, surgeon promises to do a tidy up of the ‘dog ears’ if need be. Meanwhile I have a really sensitive back upper arm, which really gives me gip when I get goosebumps with the cold!!

Have now come down with a cold and am snowed in, probably the extra straws that have made me feel weepy the last couple of days… hoping mood will lift as the snow melts!!