mx and reconstruction with Becker implant

Having the above surgery on the 26th of June, having the right breast augmented too both with Becker implant.has anyone else had this done recently?any advice please gravely received!!!nervous but looking forward to getting the cancer put so we can move on with our lives!

Hi hobbitoes

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Hi I had double mx and beckers on 2 may. The BC side is coming along nicely am really pleased with it. My surgeon only fills 50 ml at a time so only had 3 fills so far but I am more than happy with the result. The other side has not been so successful but I am a difficult case as radiotherapy from 14 years ago has shattered my muscle and also skin is very thin so possibly more surgery but still do not regret my decision.
You may find when you wake up you are quite flat but the op was not as bad as I thought. I was driving again within 3 weeks and certainly on the mend by then.
Anything you want to ask please do .

Wendy x x

Hi Wendy, sorry to hear you have problems, but good that the other is doin well.I’m 30 ans have very small boobs anyways so seeing a flat cheat is nothing new to me haha! Surgeon is going to put a 300 in the bc side and a 200 on the other I think.Im having mx as they disn’t get clear margins from dcis high grade tumour.had lumpectomy and snb done 4 weeks ago and healing nicely so thinking I should heal well from next lot of surgery. How did you manage with daily activities? I struggled initially after first surgery especially as I have an 18month old daughter. Worries me having both breasts and possibly arms out of action as I woby be able to pick her up :-(.hope you carry on healing well and your reply has reassured me already that it won’t be that bad,thankyou x

After 3 weeks I was back doing most things you just find easy ways round things. Didn’t Hoover until about 5/6 weeks tho. If you are not having an node surgery this time you wll be ok as I think that is the worst part. Perhaps pick your daughter up from the sitting position rather than standing up. Just be a little careful that’s all and think about things before you do them. I had no bandages at all and the drains came out on day 2. I bought some sleep bras from M and S that you can just step into and are stretchy £12 for 2 and they have been brilliant. They are like crop tops. The most painful bit were the ports until the brushing went.
My daughter is seeing the surgeon in 2 weeks as she has got to seriously consider surgery as unfortunately she has my faulty BRCA 1 gene. She s only 30 and found out when she was on honeymoon last month that she has the gene.
Hope all goes well for you let me know how o get on
x x x

Aw I’m sorry to hear that about your daughter. Its a very hard decision to make ans I can empathise with her,especially being newly married. It worried me alot initially as we have only been married 2 yrs and I wonder how it will affect relationship. Send her my regards and welcome pass on my details if she want to speak to someone else.x x

I’ve bought two sports bras that the consultant recommended but will take a look at those sleep bras too.thanks. I’ll have to train the hubby on the hovering then ;-).not having anything else done to node thank goodness as that was the worse bit.I should be ok then,well better than I expected all going well. Meeting pre op team in morning,not sure why apt is a week apart from op date but nevermind. Thanks again and hope you keep improving. Will keep you updated x