I’ve just been told today have my mx 7 July. Myindeed whirling. Right side. I keep wondering what if I have to havd operation under arm for nodes. Very worried anasetic.

Hi love, welcome to this place that no one wants to be. You sound very upset, join the club… but you have come to the right place to find friendship and a bit of comfort. Maybe phone the helpline, lots of us have got help, support and information from them.

Keep coming back to the forum, I’m sure it will help.


Hi there


i feel for you on this roller coaster that no-one wants to be on. I had a MX and ANC on the 1/6. Had had to make so many difficult decisions about what type of surgery to have and whether to have chemo before or after in some ways it was a relief to get the journey started. I keep focussing on my main priority which is to get rid of cancer. Nothing else matters in the long term. 


My op went well. I was up and about a couple of hours after returning to the ward and home by half ten the next day. All the staff were great. Am managing the pain with paracetamol in the day and also take a codeine at night to help me sleep. I have had to have a seroma drained yesterday but this was fine. I have had a bit more pain in the last couple of days a there is a fair amount of swelling under my arm. I think this is because the numbness is wearing off. I have to remind myself that beneath the neat scar there is a large area that needs to heal so not to be surprised at the pain and discomfort, and to recognise that it is going to take a long time to heal. 


Emotionally I have had troughs of despair, especially in the middle of the night. I think it is grief for losing my health and ‘certain’ future plus all the fear related to this. I have not (yet) felt traumatised by the loss of my boob. I had faced up to looking, with BCN, at lots of photos and was in floods then. I may feel the loss more later. For now my main challenge is trying to shape the comfee into a shape that vaguely matches my remaining breast! 


Sending you a hug Mrs Logic and wishing you all the very best. X

Hi Mrslogic


The waiting is dreadful.


As regards the op it probably won’t be as bad as you think. Take in things that button up the front so they are easy to get on if your arm is stiff afterwards. Once you are home take painkillers regularly don’t wait to feel pain and then just wean them off as you improve.You might need a pillow between you and your arm in bed. I didn’t need an op for lymph nodes so I can’t comment other than my team had been able to tell me the ultrasound showed no lymph involvement and that was an 80% accurate indication,


If you are frightened of the anaesthetic it is likely you will be given something to help you when you get to theatre. Anaesthetists are some of the most highly skilled people in any hospital so try and think of that