My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Isn’t that a song…
Unfortunately mine isn’t. I’ve got to tell my Down’s syndrome son that Mum is going to hospital, luckily not where Papa (his Dad) died 10 months ago. His big brother has come home to look after him while I am away. I expect it is difficult for him too. I hope to be back early next week, but you never know. Don’t know how I am going to cope when I start chemo, but one step at a time.

Good luck and best wishes, sure your boys will be fine, and you too. xJacqx

Hi Marial
Wishing you all the best of luck and you are right take it one step at a time. Sounds like you have confidence in your older son being able to look after your younger son but I’m sure it’s all very worrying knowing it’s not you who is doing the caring - you now need to be cared for yourself.

Thinking of you
Ruby xx

Hi Maria
hope everything goes well - lots of us thinking about you xx
I’m sure your sons will be fine and that you’ll all be together again in a couple of days
hope you have some help for after the op
take good care
monica xxx

Good luck Maria. Thinking of you and your family.


Good luck Maria. One step at a time is a good mantra. Its working so far for me. Heather x

Thinking of you my love. Hope all goes as well as it can for you.

Love and strength


Hope all goes well,let them take care of you.
Love n hugs

Lots of Luck and best wishes for the time ahead…one step at a time and you will get there…

Best wishes
Fiona xxx

Good luck Maria. Thinking of you.
Anthi x

Hi Marial,
As Lennon and McCartney once wrote: With a Little Help From My Friends :slight_smile:
We are all there with you, sending positive vibes, and Hugs and XXX’s

Horrible going into hospital! but l hope like me, when l had a lumpectomy a few weeks ago, I met some lovely people to help make the time go fast!

You will miss and worry about your ‘boys’ but you will soon be home with them, yes l know ‘not soon enough’

Lots of Love, and Very Big HUGS
Sandra xxx

Good luck Maria, I hope all goes well for you.

I’m sure your older son will look after your little boy fine but it is only natural to worry - we all do. I have had four stays in hospital whilst on this journey and though I dislike hospitals, I have met some lovely ladies. No doubt you will do so too.

Lots of hugs

Good luck Maria.
Thinking of you sending hugs to you and your boys.

Kat x

I’m sure everything will be fine, the boys will enjoy each other’s company and you will be back up and fighting before too long, just don’t over do it too soon. hugs x

Marial, you sound organised and ready, and that is so good. I’m sure you are concerned about both your sons especially with such a recent death in the family. You are being very strong and have worked out cover for your son, so you must now allow yourself to think about yourself.
Let the medical staff care for you and allow yourself some time to just be…

Will be thinking of you and hoping you will have the energy to let us know how you are eventually…

Thinking of you, Welsh girl x

Hope all goes well for you, your boys will be fine!
love debs xx


Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you, and sending you and your boys lots of hugs.

Keep positive hun - we are all here for you!

Shenagh xxx

Good luck love x
I think the song is ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ by John Denver-takes me back a bit

Thinking of you maria

Sue xx

Good luck Maria. I love that song. I’m having an op next week so will sing along with you.