My bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Good luck Maria, thinking of you.
Linda x

My goodness I am so touched, I weep.
You seem to know me better than I know myself, I didn’t realize how much I was worrying about my boys until you all told me they would be OK !!

Thank you
Jcaqx, ruby, monica, al, heather, dilys, dot, fiona, anthi, sandra, aqua,kat, taly, welshgirl, debs, shenagh, vx, sue, sandripples and linda.

Sandripples: if I don’t get another chance to wish you all the best for next week, here’s wishing it now.

Vx: goodness, if it is John Denver, how appropriate, he was my husband’s favorite singer, he must be thinking of me (he died last May)

Hi Marial, John Denver wrote this song for Mitchell Trio originally but he later recorded it himself later on, im sure your hubby is always thinking of you and watching over you and the boys

just sending you hugs, you will be fine, I have two sons and they have been amazing throughout my cancer journey as im sure your sons will be too

stay strong


Carol x

Thank you Carol, going to bed now as it is an early start tomorrow.
See you all next week
Take care of yourselves
Love Maria

Hi Marial

Hope eveything goes well for you - love that John Denver song. Won’t be long before you are back with your boys and I’m sure they will be amazing support for you.

Let us know how you are getting on.

Love Anne xx

Yes I am back, tired, weak and weepy. My boys are fine, they had a good time without me !
But I’m OK. The best thing about having it a 2nd time around, that is is not as bad. Only 2 nodes out, so my arm is OK. I see the surgeon in 10 days time, when he will have the results and I will get to know if I need chemo etc. I was fine until an acquaintance phoned me to say she had been in the same boat (!?) last week, but one of her nodes was positive so she had to have another 17 out, not the news I needed to hear right now…
However I felt all your thoughts and good vibes come though to me, when I was having a bluesy moment, all of a sudden it went, it must have been all your energy. Thank you so much.
Goodness there are some sad new posts, If you read this just know I am thinking about every single one of you, but do not have the strengh to write more now
Love Maria XX

Hi Maria,
So pleased your op is over and you are back with your boys! Hope you get good results.
Yes sometimes you have to be a bit careful what we read, l am a bit sensitive at the moment, going back into hospital on the 14th for more of a margin, had the lumpectomy and 16 positive nodes! so feeling a bit delicate. Get this op out of the way and start that long awaited chemo, seems one step forward and two back at the moment.
Thankfully this time l am only a day patient, so there we go something positive already!
Hope your boys are looking after you, they must be thrilled to have you back home
Take care
Sandra xxx

Hi Maria

Glad you are back home with your boys again. Hey, you rest up and take it easy. I seemed to sleep and sleep after my MX and Recon.

Sandra - Good luck for the 14th, I hope they get clear margins and hence no more ops.

Take care

Thanks Aqua, I’m sorry I did not reply before.
But tonight I am sooooo sore, I wonder why, did I do too much today, driving 25 mile around trip this morning to take my sick certificate into work ?

Wow Maria, you will be shattered - especially so soon after your op.

I suppose I was lucky in that respect as at the time of my previous ops my workplace was close-by and so my son took my sick certs into work. I’ve since been made redundant and I’m now claiming ESA, they have in the last month said I don’t need to send anymore sickness certs - thats one less headache!

You take it easy and rest-up and let your babies fuss over you


Thanks Aqua,
As you may see in my other post (2003 and now 2010) I’ve had my results and still playing the waiting game.
My boys did fuss over me, but the older one has gone back to his flat and the younger one sleeps over at his special school 2 nights a week. So now I am on my own again. But I am not doing too much.
Take care of yourself, I read you are also on your own.
Love Maria

Maria, good to hear you are taking it easy. Yes, I am single but my boy, sis and brothers have been fantastic - would be lost without them.

So sorry you lost your hubby to cancer, that’s so awful.

You take care