My Breast - A Fond Good-Bye My 'Friend'

Dear Ladies,
After Wednesday 12th May 2010, l will have a little less baggage! so while l am sure l will miss my ‘friend’, she has caused me nothing but trouble over the last few months. So a few words of comfort to my ‘friend’.

I was once so proud of you, along with your partner, you were there for me in my hours of ‘Love’ you were there for me in my days of ‘nurturing’ you were there to fill my tops and dresses, to make me feel every bit a woman!
I stuck by you when you travelled too far south, and gave you all the support you needed!
But sadly the time has come, for us to part. Please don’t be sad, it is not your fault, just one of those things that life throws at us, and my only chance is to leave you, and go on with my journey.
Hope you don’t mind if l keep your ‘partner’ I am hoping she will remind me of the happy days when l had you both so close to my heart.
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxx
PS Thank you Maria x

Hi Sandra4

That’s the best Dear John letter I’ve ever read!! Absolutely fantastic. Very best of luck on 12th May.

Maureen xx

Good Luck for Wednesday! It’s a journey none of us wants to make. Sending you all my support. xxxTina

your little friend will miss you too as it has always been part of your life, good luck for Wednesday, take care

Carol xx

Good luck for Wednesday will be thinking of you

Dear Maria, Beautifully put. I hope all goes well on Wednesday and that you make a speedy recovery. LOve Val

Sorry I did mean to write to “Sandra”…apologies…

All the very best for Wednesday Sandra, I will be thinking of you.

Welsh girl x

Hello thats a brilliant letter - I am having mine done on the 19th May and you have cheered me up no end as I am so down at the moment. I am not dreading the mx, just the waiting and the endless appointments and scans and waiting for news. Hopefully once the op is done, I can get home and start on the road to recovery.

Best wishes to you

x x x

Forgot to add - all the very best to you on Wednesday !! Keep in touch x x

What lovely words Sandra, Good luck for Wednesday


Good luck on Wednesday Sandra and for you too purple lady.

Jayne xxx

Sandra, I knew this would be a good thread and such a help for so many of us
Hugs and love and positive thoughts for Wednesday

Well that bought a tear to my eye Sandra - beautifully put. Best wishes and cybrer hugs for Wednesday. xx

Sandra, you put so well into words what so many of us have thought and are thinking (and no doubt, will be thinking) and I think your words will help many of us on here.
I hope your op goes well on weds and you recover quickly and well
love, monica

Sandra, what a beautiful piece of writing - I said ‘farewell’ to my remaining breast last week - my wish for you is that your surgery goes as well as mine did and I wish you well and am sending you lots of positive thoughts…Suzanne x

Sandra, i was so touched by your post, i first read it on another thread and agreed that it deserved its own thread as more people should be able to read it, well done, and all the very very very best on wednesday



very very best wishes for Wednesday, will be thinking of you and sending you very very positive vibes all day!!! Your words are brilliant and so true to the heart…as a teacher I give you a gold star for that:-) *- gold star.

Purple lady…best wishes to you also hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery
Hugs Sue xx

Hi Sue,
Well that made me laugh, l was the one that was sent out of the class, to the headmaster! didn’t mind too much, as he was rather nice!!!
So after all these years to get a gold star, is really something else. My mum will be very proud of me!! pity she has had to wait until she was 90!!
Thank you for the wishes
Lots of Hugs
Sandra xxx

Well Sandra, be sure to let your mum know that you have a well earned gold star! Good things come to those who wait and God knows we are aways waiting for something thesedays! Usually results and appointments, so a gold star is a ray of light!