My breast is aching - is this normal?

I was dx last wednsday 20th Aug and now waiting for op . Did a cole biopsy on 14th August. My breast is in pain now and the lump seems to be much bigger in the last couple of days. Talked to my BCN and help line- told me that it was still the biopsy. But i could feel pain on my back too. what is wrong?? please help…

also- i could feel my lump and everything- was told i have DCIS but a high grade. I read notes here and found many people’s dx did not turn out to what it thought to be? How accurate is the dx? They have no idea till the op , right?

Should I arrange for a MRI ( Bupa member but need to check if it is covered) - is that too late?

I’d say you are going through the worst phase, you know you have breast cancer but you are in limbo until you start treatment, everything seems scary. Biopsies do hurt afterwards at least mine did as I had quite a lot of bruising. Every ache and pain seems worse when your imagination gets going. Have you god a date for the operation yet?


Hi avonlea

Your anxiety is quite understandable, has the hospital assigned a breast care nurse from your clinic? If so ring her tomorrow, on line is a great support especially late at night but a human voice is so much better.

I doubt if a lump would grow significantly bigger within 2 weeks, it probably is a build up of fluid or blood around the biopsy site. Your pain in the back is probably down to stress and worry, but if you are really worried ask about having and MRI at your clinic first, use BUPA if you get no joy.

I really would keep referring your worries back to the hospital BC Care nurse or consultant, its your life and you have a say in addressing your worries.

Regarding how accurate is dx, well mine has been pretty accurate. The operation gives them a better idea of the treatment you need. They will also be able to get a better idea if it has spread beyond the original site.

Having said all this please just try to take one day at a time, read just a enough to ask the right questions ( If you are prepared for the answer), please don’t read in too much depth just yet you may scare yourself to death. I was told I had and aggressive cancer and I am still here nearly three years later and quite well.

Take care

Hi avonlea

I had biopsies done in both breasts and mine were very sore and they did swell up too, I was told this would happen. They both bruised badly and were very painful too, I also had a back pain and agree with Carol above that this is stress, mine was. I didn’t believe it at the time, but you do get yourself so worked up and worried. My dx was correct too. Hope this helps.
Netty xxxxxxxx

Hello Avonlea

Just for some reassurance…the mind is a really powerful thing!

I had a needle biopsy in Feb this year and was very sore and bruised for a couple of weeks. It turned out I had grade 3 DCIS and after the diagnosis I kept having pains not only in my breast, but also in my upper arm - I was convinced this meant the cancer had spread beyond the breast and might already be affecting my bones.

I was due to have a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, but after talking to lots of people and doing a fair bit of research I opted for a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. For me it’s been the right decision. I had a DIEP (where they move tummy fat up to fill the emptied breast) and I feel amazing. It also meant I didn’t need radiotherapy which I was relieved about.

I’m sure Carol and Netty are right about stress causing all kinds of (very real) pains - and it just seems to make the whole thing more worrying in the weeks between diagnosis and the op. Oh, and my original diagnosis turned out to be right. I think the problem with DCIS is that the mammogram can only show up areas of necrotic (dead) cells which are an indicator that the cancer cells are multiplying so fast that they’re not all getting enough nutrients and some are therefore dying. What the mammogram can’t necessarily do is accurately show the area of live DCIS which sometimes ends up being larger than it appears on the x-ray. That was partly why I opted for a mastectomy as fairly often the lumpectomies don’t remove the whole area which is affected by DCIS.

Anyway, I wish you all the best Avonlea. I’m 6 months down the line and doing really well - so fingers crossed for you, too.

Lizzie xx

Hi Avonlea

I also felt that my lump was sore in the week between dx and surgery, and couldn’t wait to get rid of it. It was a long week. Waiting is so hard. Once you have had surgery you will knwo exactl what you are dealing with and like everyone on this site feel better even if it is not the best news.

Good luck

Hi Lizzie and Kinden

Thanks for the msgs. My breast is less painful now than a ouple of days ago. Waiting for my op now…

take care

Good luck with the op avonlea - when is it?

Lizzie x