My chemos not working.......

Im just a little anxious, saw my oncologist yesterday and after only having 2 x AC chemos my tumour is getting bigger. My tumour has gone from 4cm to over 10cm within 6 weeks.Its inoperable at the moment because of its size,i wouldnt have enough skin left over to cloce the wound.I am going to have my AC chemo changed to Toxatere next friday and am so worried that this chemo wont work either, if not what is going to happen to me and what are my options, any body got any advice i would apreciate it ,

Hi Shell

So sorry you are having such a horrible time.

Taxotere works in a different way to AC so even though AC hasn’t been effective taxotere may reduce your tumour.

If taxotere doesn’t work then there are other chemotherapies to try. Have a further dicsusion with your oncologist and ask him/her how small the tumour would have to be to operate. I would think your team might also suggest scans to check whether there is any spread anywhere else, given your tumour has increased so much in size,

I had 6 AC before surgery in 2003…it worked initally but then grew again. I was able to have a mastecomy though…and then had 4 taxotere after surgery which kept me in remission until 2007.

very best wishes and keep asking the questions of your oncologist and breast care nurse.


i had two treatments of fec chemo that did not work.
We then changed to taxotere i had 6 rounds of this and that worked
That was in 2003
Good luck

Hi Shell,

It must be very scary to be aware of how fast the tumour is growing. Mine were always very agressive and fast growing- but that is all history now. I discovered much too late to do anything about it then that i was HER2+++. Her2 & herceptin werent known about back then. I dont think you say in any of your posts if that is your situation. Many hospitals wait until the chemo is finished and then go on to give herceptin. But others are now giving it alongside taxotere. If you are her2 it may be worth asking your oncologist if this is a possibility.


Thank you ladies for your support.
My oncologist says i will have Herceptin once my chemo and radiation has finished. I was only diagnosed 19th August 2008 and i have so much to learn. Thanks to readng all your threads they have been very informational.
Good luck to you all.

Hi Shell
I had 3 ac which didnt shrink my tumour, onc put me straight onto taxotere, just had 2nd one and tumour has now shrunk a little, hope it will be the one for you too.

Chris x

I’ve had 6 taxotere and have found out that my tumour has shrunk from at least 8cms to 2.5 cms, so feeling rubbish is worth it, it seems a creme de la creme chemo.

I’ve also been having Herceptin alongside my chemo, is there any chance that you could get started on herceptin sooner rather than later?

Good luck


Michelle, hi honey … I’m here holding your hand darling, and have been exactly in your shoes.

Mine grew after the first two chemos too (they were FEC, but it’s similar to AC). Once I started the Tax I was so worried (& almost obcessed), that everything was going wrong, but gradually the Tax along with the Herceptin started to shrink the tumour.

Have they given you a proper diagnosis yet, if not it may be worth pushing them? When I got to this point and kmew it was inflammatory BC I got a second opinion from Prof Smith at the Marsden, and it was him that suggested Tax+Her works best.

You know I’m always here for you, and if you want to talk give me a ring, or shout for me & I’ll ring you.

Love as ever, Rebecca x

Hi my mum had a tumor which was massive, the size of a football. we had the same problem, told chemo does not work and it was too big for surgery. However we were transfered to the Marsden, they had no problems operating, they closed the wound using tissue from her back.


i’ve got agressive bc too, dx aug 12th, only noticed something was wrong late july, i had one FEC and the tumor grew alarmingly during that time, which was very scary, changed to tax (just had my second one) and its shrunk by 2cm to 11cm now. I look pretty lopsided (ones boobs a B cup the other looks an E cup!), but then may as well get used to that as mast planned for new year. although its not nice i am comforted to know that I am not the only one either who’s tumor grew and had the feeling that chemo wasn’t working. I don’t come on this site much but its good to know I’m not alone.

Michelle, just seen this thread, and like Rebecca, I’m here for you in every way possible. I know my situation’s different to yours but I want you to know that you’re constantly in my thoughts. Definitely seek a second opinion. I also saw Professor Smith at the RM in London, he’s really the best. Speak to your consultant and ask for a referral urgently.

Much love, sweetheart. Give me a buzz if you want to talk.

Cat xx