my coping head has deserted me

Hi everyone…I am a new member…was diagnosed and had op and radiotherapy in 2005 and am on arimadex. I then lost my husband in 2006 had lung cancer with no symptoms. have managed well until the last few weeks, just need some emotional support. I am a 25yr old woman in a 70yr old woman’s body…honest.

hello lammy
just sending positive thoughts - what a time you have had - its hardly surprising that you are having difficulties. This is a good site for support
best wishes

This is the place to come for support, I have read so much from so many people and posted a couple of times, this site has given me help in the quiet times when I think no one understands in the ‘real world’. My experience with cncer was initially as a carer for my mum through term cancer, this was 2005, then this year I’ve had bc and times have been difficult but with this site has given me so much help, and I’m on the mend physically but it is the head that takes longer and pops up when you least expect it. I hope you get lots of posts to help you on your way back on the up. I hope I haven’t said anything cliche or to upset, I send you hugs and support xxx

Hi Lammy,
just wanted to say hi, I am listening too. I have 2 friends on this site who were widowed too and will understand much more than I can how tough can get even tougher. Why do you think you feel more in need of help now? Are you close to an anniversary or is it Christmas looming, which is a time many people feel worse? I can’t really tell quite how low you are feeling and hope things seem a bit brighter very soon. If not it might be worth going to see your GP or talking to your BCN. I think we do all go through different emotions but hopefully the sad bits get a bit easier.
Trying to think of something more chirpy do you enjoy X factor, I was glued to it tonight - sad eh!
Big hugs matey
Lily x

Hi Lammy,
Just typed out a message and lost the whole lot!!!
You have certainly come to the right place for ‘positiveness’. You have been through a really rough time and you are very entitiled to feel down but your coping head will return. This site is really wonderful for coming and having a chat and you will find lots of ladies here are really positive and supporting.
Although I have a truly brilliant family and group of friends who are always there for me, nobody can help like someone else who has been in this rotten situation we find ourselves in.
As Daisyleaf and Dreamer67 both say, you will find plenty of support here and please remember you will be able to help us new girls too.
I have been very positive throughout my dx, 4 surgeries ending in a mastectomy and have been lucky enough to find something funny I could laugh about through it all. That doesn’t mean I don’t still need that extra bit of help during those moments when you wonder if it will ever end.
Take care and sending you positive vibes,
Going to bang the submit button before I lose this message- chemo fuzzy head, sorry!!!

Hi Jane
Really gave me a lift to get your message…I have been so positive for so long but found another lump…seeing surgeon on thursday…wish me luck!!! reading all the messages on this site made me post mine…as you said no-one can help as much as fellow travellers…thanks so much …sending you all the biggest hug and a lorra luck…(I,m a scouser) Take care…Sonia


As the others have said, this is the place for support. These ladies are getting me through this, and I am sure you will feel better having the contact. Although we have not all been through exactly the same experiences, we all understand and have empathy with each other. You have obviously been through so much, and you will get through whatever lies ahead. Good luck on Thursday. Stay positive!

Jane - How are you getting on?

Love Ann x

Hi Lammy,
Sorry you are back seeing the consultant again, we all wish you a lorra lorra lorra luck chuck. You’ve done it once and if you have to, you will do it all again. Please let us know how you get on, whatever your news is we are all here for you.
Take care, love to you all,
PS and positive vibes …

Hi Lammy,
thinking of you as Thursday approaches and everything crossed for you. Thank you for the pm. I always try to think if there is any bad news to come then this would be the good bit to enjoy and try to put off my worries. Easier said than done though, try to keep busy might be the best thing
Lily x