My dad has a lump

My dad has a lump

My dad has a lump Hi

I was diagnosed last may at the age of 31 with BC ( see my profile ), my dad has discovered a lump in his breast behind his nipple around the size of a 20p.

He has been referred to the breast clinic for a mammogram given my history.

Can any of you men tell me if they will do the same tests on him as they do women and what to expect. He says the lump is painful. Will the mammogram hurt him as men have less breast tissue?

I am really concerned as he didnt look well yesterday.

Any advice appreciated.



hi jakki your dad should get exactly the same tests as any other patient regardless of gender and hopefully a sympathetic clinic would see him either at the beginning or end of the session to help with any embarrassment of sitting in a waiting room full of women.
As regards the mammo as long as he isn’t built like ‘He man’ it should be no more uncomfortable than it is for anyone else.
I hope it all turns out ok

Thanks Jakey Hi Jakey

thanks for the reply, the clinic have sent him an appt for 2.30pm -middle of the clinic - great! I am going to go with him - i hope he wont be too embarrased - think everyone there will think hes there with me until they call out his name.

He is quite a stocky fella so i hope they dont hurt him, he has heart problems so this added stress is a big worry to me.

Thanks again


Your dad Hi Jakki

Your dad is going to the correct place. There should be no thought of him being embarrassed or you being embarrassed for him!

He needs to be seen at the place of expertise and that’s where he is going. He shouldn’t be embarrassed about that.

In my case I was shunted to a surgical clinic instead of the breast clinic and that resulted in a delay in my diagnosis. In my area now - and generally, I think - men are sent to the place where they need to be.

In my case they didn’t do any mamograms just the FNA and core biopsy. Howver, don’t be thinking the worsrt!! Nine out of ten women are sent away relieved (I know not you) and nine out of ten men should be given the same chance.

Let us know how you get on please.

Best wishes for you and your father.


Thanks Bill Thanks Bill

And your right - he shouldnt be embarrassed! Im certainly not.

Will let you know how he goes on, his appt is next wednesday. I’m keeping everything crossed for him.


Your Dad Jakki,
I do hope everything goes well with your Dad. I was blissfully unaware of any undue attention because I was a man in the clinic for two reasons:

Firstly - virtually everyone in the clinic is accompianied by their partner and that almost always deflects their attention away from the male.
Secondly - most people are pre-occupied by their own worries and don’t generally “people watch” and formulate incorrect opinions - most want to remain annonymous in themselves - as I’m sure you appreciate.

Keep being optomistic and I wish you and your Dad the very best of luck - we will all be thinking of you both and of course if your Dad has any questions we are here to help in any way we can.


Hi Jakki Hello Jakki - just to let you know, I had the works when I was diagnosed back in 2003.
I had a mammogram, ultrasound scan and a core biopsy - the latter just hurt a little - the mammogram was fine.

I hope your dad goes on OK - if you require any further info - do not hesitate in asking any of the guys on this site or even BCC ask the nurse - all very good.

David W

No different As the others have said, the treatment is the same as for women.
I had an appointment first thing in the morning, before anyone else had arrived. The surgeon examined me, then the needle went in to get a sample out, then it was straight to the mammogram, then scan. I was given the result that afternoon.
If your dad wants more information about it, Breast Cancer Care has a fact sheet about breast cancer in men. It is worth asking for and can be either ordered, or downloaded from their site.
I hope your dad gets on ok.
Come back here if you need any more information from us.

Thanks Thanks Brian, David and Mitch for your kind words.

I’ll keep you posted on him.

Best wishes to you all


My Dad Hi

I just thought i would let you know about my dad…

He went to the hospital today for what we thought would be his mammogram and they didnt do one!

The surgeon examined him and asked lots of health questions, asked about his medication his was taking for his heart problems.

Anyway, he seems to thinks that his medication may have caused this lump but he didnt think it was cancerous. They did some blood tests and a chest xray. They said they will send him another appointment for a mammogram, so more waiting.

Still, i’m glad all seems ok so far and that he is being seen now.

Thanks guys


So, not bad news!! Hi Jakki

Thanks for letting us know what’s happening. I hope your dad and you are relieved - to some extent.

Please keep us to date with things. How is your dad feeling now?

AND, how are you feeling about things?

Best wishes


Thanks bill Hi Bill

Just thought i’d keep you posted on my dad.

He went for his mammogram today and said they would see him at the beginning of august for the results and the results of his bloods and chest xray.

I am assuming that he will be ok as they wouldnt wait that long if it looked suspicious.

Anyway, i dont think he is as worried now and neither am I but my mind wont be settled until we know for sure.

Thanks for your concern, i’ll let you know the outcome in august.

Take care and best wishes


postcode lottery? Daisypink… whereabouts in the country are you? I’m from Brum and here i had a mammogram, core bioposy, ultracound and the results all in one day. Horrendous day, but at least I knew. Huge waits every time I go to the breast clinic, but I’d rather wait, and know I get the results/care/attention/whatever…

Hope everything is OK with your Dad,



Bweeps Hi

Thanks for the reply, my dad is being seen at Stafford, where i was seen.

I was given the 3 tests you named last year and had to wait 4 days for the results. I cant grumble - the breast unit there has just been named as one of the top six in the country and the treatment i have received there has been fantastic.

I think he is being classed as a non urgent case as i’m sure they would of done the other tests if they thought nesessary. I do agree with you about the waiting though, it is a long time.

I hope everything is well with you.


Thanks Hi Jakki

Thanks for keeping me up to date. I look at the postings regular to see if one has been added. You are right though, I think if they were worried about things they would do all the tests quicker than that…

But do keep in touch. Hope you are feeling OK. My best wishes to your dad. Go and enjoy some nice weekend weather!!

take care.


Dad gets his results today Hi

My dad gets his results later today…

I have to say i am a little nervous for him as i am having an extremely difficult time at the moment ( see profile )

I am going with him for support - I will keep you posted


Dads Results Hi

Just thought i’d let you know my dad is ok. They said the mammogram showed nothing untoward as did the chest xray and they said its extra breast tissue, kind of like what women have.?.

I’m relieved, have to say still abit worried that no biopsy was done, but just hope the mammogram was good enough for them.

Thanks for everyone’s kind wishes

Best wishes to you all


Jakki Hi Jakki

I’m glad to hear it!! Thanks for keeping us up to date with it.

Keep as well as you can.

Best wishes