My Dad has just been diagnosed with breast cancer

Not quite sure what to do, what it entails. He is really upset obviously. I keep reading stories about survival rates, but not sure what the stats are. Trying to feel positive about it all, so that I can be a support to him rather than a burden. Are the stats good?

Dear Skarabrae

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I am sorry to read that your Dad has been diagnosed with breast cancer and can appreciate that this must be a difficult and worrying time for you both. Breast Cancer Care have published a booklet called ‘Men with Breast Cancer’ which you and your Dad may find helpful to read, you can download or read it online at the following link:

You are also welcome to call our helpline for further support, information and a ‘listening ear’, our helpliners are specialist nurses and people who have had personal experience of breast cancer so have some understanding of the concerns you have. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

I hope you find this helpful

Best wishes

HI Skarabrae,
so sorry to hear about your dad.

you will find alot of support on here, try looking at the ‘’ men diagnosed with breast cancer ‘’ section there are some very brave men on there who may be able to help you with your questions…especially from a mens point of view.

before looking at stat’s try to be sure you have your dads full case history…ie, size of tumour, grade, wether ER+ or HER2+, wether there was any node or vascular involvement etc.,…and please remember stat’s are not naturally acurate. as breast cancer is very unpredictable.

has your dad had surgery yet, what kind of treatments is he facing?

take care

Hi Skarabrae

Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m one of the few men who vist this site and if you need any questions answered then just ask away. I know it must be difficult for you at this time but your dad must be having a bad time as well.

Let us know what’s happening with him and we may be able to offer more support as that becomes clear.

Take care


My cousin who is 71 had breast cancer a year ago and he is absolutely fine and on Tamoxifen.