My daughter recently diagnosed

Hello. I am 69 year old father. My daughter had a mastectomy and is waiting to start chemo, thank goodness there was no secondary tumour. Anyone diagnosed with cancer must feel terrified, if it was me I dont know what I would do. My wife and I are still in a state of shock. My daughter has 3 children all under 10. We are trying to find out as much as we can about cure rates and what to expect… We are of course helping out as much as we can. My thoughts go out to you all.

Hi and welcome to the BCC discussion forums.  I am sure your fellow forum users will be along soon with hints and tips on how you can help your daughter through this.  I have put for you below links to a couple of BCC’s publications you and your wife might like to read which may make things a little clearer on what to expect while your daughter is going through treatment and afterwards.  The second link is aimed a partners of those going through treatment but I am sure most of it will relate to you and your wife while trying to support your daughter and her family.

BCC have a lot of resources and services to help you all through this, please do use them.  Our helpline team are also just a free phone call away if any of you would like to talk things through in confidence.  0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

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Jo, Moderator

What lovely parents you sound,I’m 46 and was diagnosed in March, my darling dad is 74 and we lost my mum to Breast cancer 12 years ago so it’s hit him really hard, I’m ok though and have had it removed and it’s all low grade with no spread so I’m starting radiotherapy on Tuesday for 3 weeks and my prognosis is very good thankfully, my sons are in their 20’s but it was still so hard having to tell them as they can only relate cancer to their nan having died from it, we have been honest and reassured them as much as we can that things are not as bad as they seem and I’m going to be ok, it’s a horrendous shock but you do come to terms with it in time, just continue to support your daughter and grand children as you are doing and I’m sure everything will turn out just fine xx

It’s cope or crumble stuff, which isn’t really a choice. I am 41 and have two boys under 10 my parents are same age as you. I can see how helpless they feel by this situation. I have managed to cope with the chemo and have been really lucky not been too ill. My hair did well to hang on in there for first 3 mths then became a disaster. So, I asked my Dad to use his clippers on me which I knew wld be incredibly emotional for him. But, also meant that he was doing something practical which helped me out. Worse bit was when he tried to smother my head in some kind of post shave balm. We are definitely stronger as a family now and just focus on getting past this stage and back to normality. Stay strong for your daughter and grandchildren and hopefully it will be a short journey to recovery for her.