My doctor is recommending i have a portacath inserted. Any advice please

Yes I was told it could last six weeks between flushes if you wanted to go on a long trip! I have my herceptin every 3 weeks so gets done regularly.
They took me straight back to the ward from having it inserted, and immediately gave me chemo through it - one way to test it i suppose!
Cathy tell us about New York - so impressed you went…
love Jacquie

so pleased to hear about this - i take it6 its the same as a hickman line as i am having one fitted on monday as they just cant find veins

Hi kelyn,

no the hickman line is not the same as the portacath. Hickmans have a tube that comes out around the chest area, the portacath is completely buried underneath the skin. Actually as a member on bcpals you will be able to see the photos of both in the surgery album.