My experience of surgery and healing one year on

Hi everyone


I just wanted to write about my experience of having surgery and how I’ve recovered one year on. I was diagnosed with grade 2 BC early last June. I had the diagnosis done privately to speed up the waiting process and my mastectomy on the NHS. The NHS was great in my experience and I’m so glad I waited the 4 weeks for the operation at my local hospital. In total from finding the lump to my surgery it was 5 nail biting weeks.

It was my first time in hospital ( 42 years ) and everyone was fantastic, I had the best care.  

I discharged myself 3 hours after being in a recovery ward as I just wanted to be at home and there was a woman in the bed opposite me who thought she was Naomi Watts and was ranting. During those first few weeks it was quite uncomfortable, not painful but I had to sleep sitting up, I had my drains for a really long time ( it was over 2 weeks, I think nearly 3 ) as it was hot weather and the fluid just didn’t seem to diminish, finally when the weather cooled off my drain came out, that was such a relief! So now one year later - my scar is starting to look a lot better, at first it was raised and quite red, now its fading. If I don’t swim regularly the scar tissue underneath it gets tight but mostly I’ve got back most of the sensation around the area and the overall tightness has gone. The back of my arm felt like it was sunburnt for a good 6 or so months, but now that has mostly gone. There is a small amount of mild numbness underneath my armpit but thats all. I have full mobility and can do all the things I used to do. 


I have to say that swimming has helped hugely. All the best to the ladies who are going to have surgery or have just had their surgery.

did you have a mastectomy?


how did you cope?

with the psychological side?

physical side - ( if you have a partner)


i am due for my op soon need advice - thanks 

Thank you I have just had surgery in 7th of august reading your text has realy helped