My fibrodyneoma isn't one

Hi I got diagnosed with a fibrodyneoma in 2013 biopsy showed abscess I have had changes so got referred for ultrasound and the doctor has now told me it isn’t a typical fibrodyneoma and it isn’t a cyst she gave me two options to get it biopsied again or have it taken out I’ve opted for it to be taken out and I’m having my operation on the 6th it’s all happened so quickly and bc does run in the family I asked her what it was and she doesn’t know I’m just so worried that I have had this lump for 5 years and was told it was benign and no need to operate to it turning out not to be what I was told 5 years ago I’m so worried I’m 28 and have 5 children

Hello Mrs T , not surprised you are worried but hopefully having it removed will provide some answers and put your mind at rest .You could ask about this on the Ask the Nurses section of the forum - they may be able to re-assure you .All the best .Jill x

Ok I’m new to all this but thank you so much for your reply xx