my five year old, want something special for him

can anyone help, my five year old has been so special just latey that i want to organise, or see if something canbe orgaganised (a bit tlike trisha or jemermemy hyle sometimes do) for kids who help their sick relatives, hes been amazing. on my really bad days when im tired he helps so much with my 22 month old, andi dont ask or expect him do. he lies hime down and tries to do his nappy and is usually successful if its just wet needs help other wise lol but he insists on him doing most (honestly do not expect him to tho) hel feed him his breakfast help get him ready for childminder and then help me out with him when he gets home form childminders. hes even asked if he can go school by himself as im really tired and he wants me to rest so i get better and dont have to movebless him.

also hes een so tolerant of my fowl moods and snappiness that i just feel he deserves to be treated extra special for a day. he loves animals with a passion, always has done and has NEVER even as a baby been spiteful or pulled or hit them. he would love to goto a safari park or zoo and help the keepers for a day and i would just love it to see him doing this. i know it can be organised but how can i go about it does anyone know

hi Madgal

Thats lovely what your little boy is doing for you. i watched a programme recently where a family won the bid for a day with the zoo keeper feeding some animal, for there daughters 21st birthday, anyway i think the zoo keeper had said something about many people talking this tour at the zoo, so i think that i would just phone the zoo and ask them about it, sure they will be helpful. you could even take him to the safari park and feed the animals, and ask for a tour guide, just like what kids on a school trip would get. hope this helps
good luck
jo x

Hi Madgal

What a lovely idea. I’ve been thinking along the same lines for my two. I’ve got two wonderful daughters age 14 and 10, who have been amazing over the past few months. I’m so very very proud of them, and have been wondering what I can do for them too.

Your little boy sounds lovely - Jo’s idea is great, you could contact a Zoo or Safari Park for him. Let us know if or when you get anything planned.

Good luck

Julie xx

How about a trip to the local fire station so he can look around, look around a fire engine that sort of thing…ring them and see…

All suggestions sound great. I think it is often the little things that count. What about a big colourful poster or certificate saying ‘best helper in the world’. Get his teacher or your GP maybe to present it to him (with you there). My 5 year old loves cars and my Dad is going to organise a limo ride for him for Xmas - imagine his delight!!! A car with a fridge!!! But i think he still gets more pleasure from praise and little tokens of love,
Tell us what you do? I may pinch your ideas!
Love Liane x

Hi madgal
You may wish to contact a Young Carers support service local to you - they may be able to arrange just what you’re looking for. Your local social service (Children & Families) should be able to provide you with contact details.

Kind Regards

If you write to your nearest safari park or zoo and explain just as you have to us they may well suggest something.Alot of farm parks have special days at Christmas and you could take him there and maybe have a family party where you or someone else could present him with a 'best boy’badge or certificate.Many primary schools have ‘star of the week’ awards so maybe his head teacher would help.Has he got the 'Guess how much I love you’book?If not you could get it and write a special thank you message in it.That would be something to keep for always.I’d love to know what you Valxx