My Ghostlike appearance

My Ghostlike appearance

My Ghostlike appearance If anyone was driving through my village at about 9am yesterday morning probably thought they saw a ghost.

My neighbours cat (which is normally restricted to the house) got out and tried to attack one of mine - who ran up a tree in my garden. My neighbour panicked when she saw my cat flee and called me because she didn’t know where the cat had gong. The call woke me up and as soon as I thought my cat had disappeared, I was out of bed and in the street shouting for her.

Well, there I was on a fairly main road, in my cream coloured dressing gown and my nearly all gone fair hair with scalp shining through. Can you imagine what the passing motorist thought they were seeing! In hindsight, it must have been a really odd sight.

Luckily I got the cat down from the tree eventually - after being up a ladder in my ghostlike outfit.

It’s these little absurd moments that keep me smiling
Sharon x

LOL!!! that must of been an experience for everyone!!..can just imagine the scene lol!!
so good that you are still smiling.
glad the cat was ok too!

karen x