My Good news

nowt to do with boobs this. Just thought I would share this to cheer everyone up.

I’m going to be a Granny !!!1

Love Danni xxxxx

Congratulations Danni

I’m thrilled for you. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it!! I know because I’m going to be a granny too but March seems very far away.

God bless.


CONGRATULATIONS How VERY exciting…will this be the first? My parents were bowled over when they became grandparents…they love it as I am sure you will! xxxx

yes its the first and I’m way too young !!!

Congratulations on becoming grandparents - lovely news.


Congratulations…i became a granny for the first time 4yrs ago…5mths before being DX…i have 2 grandchildren now…you’ll enjoy it…you can spoil them rotten!!!


If you are anything like my parents…you will be a GREAT grandmother!

Hope you enjoy it xxxxxxxxxxx

congrats danni how exciting big hugs

Being Gran is just the best thing ever - I became a Gran at 43 - quite a shock! Now I have three gorgeous grandsons.
Just wonderful news.
thank you for sharing

But dreamcatcher, you’re FAR too young!!!

Love & hugs,
beano x

Wonderful News and huge congratulations

Great to hear some lovely news

claire xx

thank you all for your lovely comments I’m so excited !!! Finally something positive to look forward to after a lousy year

Love Danni xxxxxxxxxxx

ps at 44 Im way too young tho LOL

You see? I was right! FAR too young!!!

Congratulations Danni

beano x


Congratulations Dreamcatcher …watch out MotherCare lol…

Being a nanny is the bestest thing in the whole world, I was 43 as well, am 46 now with two beautiful little grandaughters they are so wonderful and bring a ray of sunshine to my world of BC and all its treatments etc…
Hubby says if he had know how brill it was to be a grandad he would have had them first !! lol

My mom was 39 when she was a grandmother for the first time, she is 68 now and has 35 grandchildren and 7 greatgrandchildren…and she hasnt got a wrinkle on her face…she says it keeps her young…so I am hoping I have plenty of her genes…

Congratulations Danni!

What fantastic news. Jax is right, watch out Mothercare!!! I am 35 and we don’t have any children yet, and I would sooo love my mum to become a grandmother for the second time. We will certainly be getting loads of practice in soon as I finish chemo (not that we’re not already, but I won’t go there!), in the hope that I can conceive, fingers and toes crossed!

Anyway, enough of me wittering on!



P.S. You are defo FAR too young!!


Im made my mum a granny at 42, she made my gran a gran at 32!! (long story!!)

I had my mum at the birth, and tbh, I’m glad she was there, even if she did nearly pass out.

I’m sure you will love every minute you are with your grandchildren xxx

Heidi x

Congratulations Danni !

So good to hear good news for a change !

Lots of love