My hair one year on from last chemo!

I know there have been several threads on here about hair growth, however I thought a thread which talked about the hair one year on would be good for us to share where we are all at. I finished chemo last Feb and today had my 3rd haircut! It seemed to take a long time to make its appearance last year and in fact I did not stop wearing a wig until last October. I have now got quite a thick head of hair, I have it highlighted which is more reminsicent of the ‘old me’ and it is a style which no-one would think of as an after chemo hairstlye. It is still quite curly when wet and takes a bit of work to get it straighter. However, I suppose what I want to share is that it is getting there! I do have a bit of ‘hair envy’ when I see people with longer hair as I would prefer my hair to be longer, but patience I must try to have!!! Take care all. J.

Thankful for your posting jaynek as one with the startled Gibbon but not so cute style you give me hope. Does the white with black splodges go?

My current avatar is me, 6 months on from the last chemo. I’m still on Herceptin and Tamoxifen and I think that they slow the growth down a bit as I should have been growing half an inch a month normally.

Apart from the uncontrollable “caught in a salad spinner” look, it’s starting to look like proper short hair and less of a convict cut.

Hi folks

I too was on Herceptin and finished my 18 treatments mid January so I am hopeful that the hair growth does speed up! Like many, I was very impatient and expected the half inch a month - that certainly was not the case for me. However, as I said it is now a ‘proper style’ and about 1 1/2 inch long following 3 trims. Back came in first and then the sides and front followed. My fringe has never been cut yet and it too is about 1 1/2 inches. I have to pull it real hard when drying to get it straight (ish!!) On the positive side I have had some positive comments which I have taken as genuine but I am hopeful for some longer tresses soon!!! Good luck to all with their new styles. Jayne.


I get sooo depressed at reading these posts… I also finished chemo last February and I’m still pretty bald on the top of my head. My eyebrows have never grown back either although my eyelashes luckily have come back. I’ve tried everything that’s on the market with no luck, will probably ask GP to send me to a trichologist (spelling?). I had very thick hair before all this started, can’t believe I still have to wear a wig a year on :frowning:

Hi lazycat

I am so sorry to hear of your situation and I do hope that your GP is able to refer on. I don’t think the devestation of hair loss really hits home until you are starting the process of regrowth following chemo. I have my eyelashes back and my eyebrows are very fair. Are you on any meds which might be a factor in your hair being slow to return, like herceptin or tamoxifen?

I hope that very soon your hair makes its long awaited return and I think those of us who have it returned should be grateful for it, even when it is very short, when we read posts like your own. Take care. Jayne.

I too finished chemo in feb last year, and just booked my third haircut for this weekend. I remember my first haircut - it was just a snip here and there to tidy t up, and it felt like a baby’s first haircut :slight_smile: I even got a large discount as there was just so little hair :-). When my first hairs came through they were all grey… Which really worried me, but then my dark blonde hairs started to appear, so it’s back to about the same colour. Just soooooo much more curly. My eyebrows have come back very patchy - never mind. My eyelashes are ok. my hair is a bit thinner on the top still.

Oh lazycat - I am sorry to hear your story, I hope your gp can help you out. Wishing you the very best.

Mine took ages to grow back, the oncologist told me they were finding that with Herceptin treatment. After it started I let it grow back for about 5 months before I had it trimmed up and shaped. The hairdressers I went to did it for nothing as they said they were just glad to see me back and starting to look well again.

Hi Lazycat

I am in the same position as you. I am 10 months post chemo and still have only have a very thin covering of hair. I have some around the sides, very little on top and what look like bald patches at the back. My oncologist says it is very unusual and just gave me a prescription for another wig. Let me know how you are getting along. Also if any ladies are out there who have had this problem but it is now resolved I would love to hear.


Hi January

Sorry to say this, but I’m pleased to see someone in my same position,if you know what I mean! My last Tax was 11th Feb 2011 and, like you, I have hair at the sides and at the back but almost nothing, except for a few strands, on the top of my head. My OH says I look like BoBby Charlton!
After reading a post somewhere on this forum, I decided to buy Intraforce by Redken and I’ve been using it for the last week. Fingers crossed! Apparently it’s specifically designed for women who have undergone chemical treatments and are having hotmone problems ( I am on Tamoxifen) which is causing the thinning of the hair. Will keep you updated on this one!

Hi Guys
I guess that I am one of the lucky ones. Finished Chemo Bgeinning May 2011 and I have a head full of curly almost spiral hair. It grew back very grey all over but I colour it using amonia free nice and easy. I also use Lush shampoo and conditioner in soap form. Body hair is frantic especially on my chin and upper lip which is obviously quite attractive (not)! My heart goes out to you guys who are struggling with your hair growth but it will grow back im sure just a little slower. xx

I finished chemo in May 2007!!!
I still have no eyebrows but my hair was reasonable though very short by Christmas 2007.There is a long term poster [pineapple]who had virtually no hair a few years post tax chemo.I believe she was thinkinking of sueing the manufacturers as permanent hair loss wasn’t listed as an se.Myself I’ll gladly give up my eye brows as long as the cancer stays away too.

Horace, I am sure we are all in the same boat and if given the choice between hair and cancer would elect to be hairless. However, the great majority of people in our position have been fortunate enough to get their hair back and been able to dispense with the wig. We hairless ones would just like to be like that. It is very distressing being without hair.

Hi Lazycat

I will be very interested to hear how you get on with the Redken product. I tried Alpecin but it did not help. My hair covering is very similar to what came through way back in August just a bit longer. It is neither thickening nor growing at the normal rate of 1/2" per month. How about yours? As I understand it the Tamoxifen only results in slight thinning of the hair it is the Taxotere I was given which is the culprit. Were you given Taxotere?


Hi January

Yes, I had 4 doses of Taxotere and I think that this is what gave me the “coup de grace”. After my second dose I lost all my eyebrows, eyelashes, and any hair that I had left from the EC. It is becoming so frustrating , I have been patient for 12 months but I am now starting to get worried abouth this whole thing. I have raised my concerns with BC nurse, oncologist, pharmacist, etc. and all I get is “it will grow back eventually” AAArrrgghhhhh!!
Of course I choose to be hairless rather than have the cancer back, but like yourself I only want to look normal again like the majority of women on this forum.
p.s. day 10 of this Redken stuff and I’m starting to feel a bit prickly in some spots where the new hair is coming out! Could it be that it’s really working?!?!? Will let you know!