my happiness

hi all , well i was diagnosed may last yr with dcis, upgraded to invasive breast cancer after core biopseys, i had a lumpectomy x2 as the margins were unclear, sentinal node biopsy, all clear thank god, and 17 lots of rads… my son and his girlfriend had not long booked their wedding before i was diagnosed… my only thoughts throughout this horrid experience was the wedding… i so wanted to see my boy wed… well i had all my treatment… and a year passed … time for my first mammogram post cancer…i was out of my mind with worry… as this is where my bc was found following a routine mammogram. the week prior to the mammo was hell , i couldent sleep… couldent stop crying and felt really scared… turns out everything ok, nothing there just scar tissue, as you all know the relief is immense… i cried for days … just so relieved…my son wouldent tell me anything about the wedding… it was all kept top secret… all he said i needed to know was the time and place,well… it was saturday… im still gushing … the whole day was lovely so full of lovely surprises, used 4 packets of tissues to mop up my tears of joy… my son and his ushers came in to the room looking so handsome and smart…first lot of tears… my son got me the biggest box of flowers ive ever seen, more tears… we arrived at church… my boy about to become a man … more tears…the bride looking so beautifull… more tears… the service… again tears… and my 4 yr old grandaughter said nanny … is that lisa the bride… i said yes isent she lovely… she said nothing… she said nanny is lisa philips princess now… i said yes she is, my gandaughter said nothing again… untill she threw her arms round my neck and said… nanny dont cry… your still my princess… children are priceless… i just wanted to share my specal moments with you all xxxx

Angiem- that made me cry too! How lovely for you and great news re the mammogram results.

Another one in tears here, and I don’t even have my Special for Weddings Hankie on me!
Sounds absolutely perfect, what a lovely son and grand daughter you have, Angie

such a lovely moment, out of the mouth,s of babes eh xxx

Beautiful! What a precious day! Thank you for sharing, angiem.
Lilac x

What a lovely day to share with your family - thanks for sharing it with us; I love good news stories even though they bring tears to my eyes!

sorry i made you all cry girls xx

awww, how lovely, especially wonderful because of the fab news about ur mammogram. So glad u had a fantastic day xxx

Aww, so lovely to read such a good news story.
At least this year you were crying for lots of good things happening in your life :slight_smile:

thank you all so much, tears of joy are a wonderfull thing

how wonderful

wonderfull days, it was nice to cry happy tears for a change xx